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I actually bought the game and I think the game is pretty entertaining. The 3D effect is really nice, and the camera shifts around making the 2D sprites turn into 3D models which is pretty neat. There's also a ranking system as well. It ain't a terrible game, but if you hated the original, this version won't change your opinions on anything. Personally, I think it is the most entertaining out of all the 3D Classics available so far.

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Link79 wrote:

@ TwilightV
If you enjoy games for their simplicity then I bet Pong thrills the holy living crap out of you.
Sounds to me like everybody's in lousy game denial.
I guess Nintendolife will have to rip it a new one before everybody admits it sucks.

lmao, you have an awesome sense of humor, your comments are awesome.

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If I were Nintendo, I would cover up any self-released information in order to hide this game's existence. Not one to keep in the portfolio. Pong would be a much better choice. Now a Mega Man game, that is what I would like to see in 3D.



Oddy wrote:

The saddest part is this killed Punch-Out!!'s 3D Classics shot.

How so? Because if it's because they're both fighting games, both Xevious and Twinbee are shooters. So I don't suppose why there can't be two fighting games.

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I don't see this killing Punch-Out as a 3DClassic. Punch-Out is sales in the bag. People buy Punch-Out, this much we know.

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I bought the game and I had up until a couple months ago the original one too. Personally I like it, and I love the minor changes and the 3D element thrown in. The advertising is a lie as I haven't seen it play at a diagonal angle to add '3D' to it, but it still looks good. The fact is it's old, dusty pre-Street FIghter...hell Yie-Ar Kung Fu old. The game is more of a game of jan-ken-pon (rock scissors paper) than a brawler. You can go rock (jab) scissors (gut buster), or paper (dodge) with it, and they do the same. It is more of a strategy game with a little guessing to it, though if you look hard the enemy will to a degree telegraph what they'll likely do. You'll see where the hands are planted, but doesn't mean they won't punch as you do or dodge, but they will block where the hands are so swing the opposite. With that in there, along with the flower pot abuse from above it's pretty fun.

The problem people have with it constantly whining that it's too easy... Yeah, what old black box NES game isn't for the first few rounds or so? Once you get up to 20 you can get slapped around a bit, and once you crack 40 it gets really pushy into the nasty area in that you got to be really fast or it's a standoff or you falling back slowly. Beyond the standard, they added in also an award counter per round you nail down, and every 5 or 10 (forget) you get a new ranking of your farthest you went and it is saved on the bottom panel in future games. If it were a $7 3D Classic I'd say you're pushing it, lacks the depth and construction of Excitebike, but at $5 it's very fair and a fun pick up and slap someone around title on the go anytime as it's not on a card.

Either you just aren't into jan-ken-pon type games, too stuck up on street fighter mechanics, or just a hater if you got an issue with this one as it is fun in bursts and is cheaply priced.

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Paying $5 for Urban Garbage? Eff no!



GabeGreens wrote:

Now a Mega Man game, that is what I would like to see in 3D.

Frick yeah!

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Link79 wrote:

@ TwilightV
If you enjoy games for their simplicity then I bet Pong thrills the holy living crap out of you.

Well, as a game connoisseur/historian/enthusiast/etc.... yes.



Don't see anything wrong with simplicity in games. Most of the simple games are very fun and very addicting. Even now. I just bought Game & Watch Gallery for VC. The original's came out in the early 80's. It can't get any simpeler, but it's an awesome, fun game. Pong, Tetris, Super Mario Bros., Space Invaders, Breakout, absolutely nothing wrong with those games.

IGN's review for 3D Classics: Urban Champion:

Skip for me I think. Though I still don't understand how the new angle they are talking about in the review. It can only be activated after finishing a level or something. Weird.

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Why would anyone choose this over any of the 5 or 2 dollar dsiware games? Nearly all of those are better than this. Yes it's simple. I like some sort of depth in my games, and nearly everything on dsiware has more depth than this. Why would Nintendo choose this over Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kid Icarus, Punch Out, Mega Man, Castlevania, or any of the other games on the NES. In fact, why not go further and do more than NES stuff, like Link to the Past, Super Metroid and Super Mario RPG?

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@Sneaker13: The camera takes that angle for every second and third round (there are 3 rounds per each area). It also reverses the angle should you lose a round. You can turn the angle off from the same menu you adjust the 3D settings from.



I guess I need to play it more or something because my camera never slid around to those cool angles. I put as I said like 40 rounds or so into it before I had to stop, but I haven't hit it again hard yet as I have been busy.

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You have to go onto the options and on the bottom it will say "Camera" with a button next to it. (I think Y) Press that button and it will turn the cool camera angles on.

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This game is fairly fun once it gets a bit challenging.
I think the main problem is the 30 odd rounds it takes to get to that point which are really easy and incredibly boring which makes the replay value of the game very limited.
I'm just glad that this one was cheaper than the other 3D Classics so far so I can still collect the lot of them without having to pay even more of a ridiculously large price.

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