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I went to the E Shop today and in the highlights bit it said NEW under 3D Classics. I got well excited at the prospect of a new 3D Classic and there was nothing there. Was well disappointed. Wonder why it says new


I was thinking what would be good is having a universal e shop across 3DS & Wii U as I have £32 on my Wii U and I don't want anything but I want to get Fractured Soul & Tokyo Crash Mobs on 3DS. So I think like the PSN network you should be able to use your money on both Consoles.
Heres hoping for the Network I.D to be Universal on both platforms

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It says new because it is a new featured panel on the eShop (in the vein of Developed in Australia, Perfect for Travellers etc)

Also, about the developed in Australia section, they may as well have called in Nnooo games (with special guests Tantalus and Endgame).

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Nintendo DID say they're working on a unified eShop and Miiverse 3DS soon, I thought they said during Q1 of 2013, but I could be wrong about that part

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