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Great games by Sega on the 3DS. These games bring back a lot of good memories to me. I do have one wish : please release the 1981 Sega game TURBO. I loved that race car game. I think this would look great in 3d on the 3DS.



the_shpydar wrote:

The ColecoVision port was awesome, since it came with a steering wheel and gas pedal expansion module for the system:


Wow, I never new it was released on Coleco vision. I wonder what are the chances of this coming to 3ds?



If they ever do it, they need to make sure the 3DS internal security is very tight, otherwise he might slip into your copy of Mario Kart 7 and use the Konami Code to reprogram the game to take Peach's place as the Mushroom Kingdom monarch.

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