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Plz Expain What game you want and the title,desc,features,and other things



Snakeoid (not snakenoid)
Cost:500 pts

Snakeoid"s in trouble!His Lake has been invaded by pirahnas,seagulls,eels,rocks,and other dangerous things!

Guide Snakeiod with the touch screen or D-Pad through a lake filled with hazardous enemies and rocks in 30 levels,6 bonus levels.Armed with only water-blowing and his surroundings!

Features:4 modes which are:36 total levels in Adventure Mode that has three difficultys,You Can also fight enemies with 10 awsome power-ups such as cannon,nuke,and Sheild and.Mini-Game Mode which includes 5 Mini-games which are Dodgeball,Soccer,Diving Down,Sinking Ships,and Swarm that can be played with up to three other players.There is also Boss Battles Mode which includes all 5 bosses.Finnaly,there is Almanac Mode which shows all 6 Main characters,all 13 enemies,all 5 Bosses,all 10 Weapons,and all 7 Useful Resoures.



no,no,your OWN game in your mind thats never been created



I put an example on Comment 2



I think this is a stupid thread and should be put in the Other Gaming section.
With a different title.
All I want is for nintendo to bring back Four Swords Anniversary because I MISSED IT.

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Nothing, unless they start to allow us to open DSiWare from our SD cards on the 3DS, as my system memory is just about full.
More good 3DS download titles though, please.

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some 8 bit game ware would be nice why give it all to the 3ds crowd???? geesh !



Nothing, because any new games would be better off as "3DSWare", due to the superior hardware (both graphically and control wise), and the absence of a file size limit.


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