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i have bird and beans, paper airplane chase, mighty flip champs, asphalt 4, pictobits, precipice, MVDK, flipnote and pop + solo...
2.Asphalt 4

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I have Web Browser, Flipnote, Real Football 2009, MvsDK MMA, Art Style Picopicts, Asphalt4, WarioWare Snapped, Pop + Solo and Pyoro
1.Real Football 2009
2. MvsDK MMA (this and no.1 are tied)
3. Art Style Picopicts
4.Flipnote Studio
5. Asphalt 4

6.WarioWare Snapped
7.Pop+ Solo (this and no.6 are tied)
8. Pyoro
9. Web Browser (don't use it)

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There is more than 5? ....... Sorry guys it just the same five games ive already beaten last month. With exception to flipnote.

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1. MvsDK MMA
2. Art Style Kubos
3.Flipnote Studio
4. DSi Browser
5. Oscar in Toyland
6. Pop+ Solo
7. Ashpalt 4
9. Art Style Pictobits
10. Dr. Mario

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1. Shantae: Risky's Revenge
3. Zenonia
4. DodoGo!
5. Tetris Party Live

(Pyoro and The Lost Town: The Dust not far off)


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I haven't got a DSiWare game in a long time but these were among my favorites.

1. Fieldrunners A tower defense game that I always play.
2. Aura-Aura Climber A very good 200 point game
3. Castle of Magic A decent platformer that uses the camera.
4. Starship Defense Another tower defense game but not as fun as Fieldrunners
5. Looksley's Line Up The first 3D effect on a 2D screen that wowed me.

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Mine (this month ) also including VC in my list
since I get them all off the e-shop, too.

1. Go! Go! Kokopolo
2. Avenging Spirit (VC)
3. Trajectile
4. Alphabounce
5. Mario's Picross (VC)

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Here's my Top 5 for each price category:

200 Points
1. Aura-Aura Climber
2. Airport Mania First Flight
3. GO Series Captain Sub
4. Escapee GO!
5. G.G. Series D-Tank
Also: Glory Days Tactical Defense, Spotto, Pyoro

500 Points
1. Starship Defense
2. A Kappa's Trail
3. Trajectile
4. Antipole
5. Number Battle
Also: GO Series Picdun

800+ Points
1. Thorium Wars
2. X-Scape
3. Shantae: Risky's Revenge
4. Mario vs. DK MMA
5. Asphalt 4: Elite Racing

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My top five are:
5.) Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ
4.) Go Go Kopolo
3.) Shantae
2.) Pictobits
1.) Cave Story

Best thread ever
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So far the only DSiWare game I got is Pro-Jumper! Chimaki’s Hot Spring Tour Guilty Gear Tangent!? for 500 points, if you like tough 2D platformers then it comes highly recommended. The reason I haven't bought more DSiWare games is because I'm trying to get through my backlog before I buy more games.


1. Cave Story- Best platformer on the DSiware in my book!
2. Dark Spirits- It has some surprisingly awesome music as well as really frantic gameplay.
3. Antipole- Reminds me of VVVVVVV, which is a good thing.
4. Tetris Party Live- It's Tetris. 'Nough said.
5. Go! Go! Kokopolo- For a DSiware game this game has a ton a content. It kept me playing for a while.

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draculas undead awakening,undead storm,birds and beans,cave story,
and the 5th is either blayzbloo,precipice,kung fu dragon,zelda four swords,rocks n rockets,game&watchs,anonymous notes,zenonia

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1. Shantae Risky's Revenge (gotta finish)
2. Pop Island Paperfield
3. Mighty Flip Champs (tricky levels)
4. Flipnote
5. Plants vs. Zombies (the ipod version's graphics were better, didn't even unlock the minigames )
6. Art Academy #1
7. Mario Clock
8. Web Browser (this counts rite)
The rest I hate.
Wait! I would definitely put 4 Swords as #1 or #2, but it's free, so....but its awesome.



My top five:
1- Plants vs Zombies (I just love this game in all its forms :x)
2- Fishing Resort (This one is amazingly fun)
3- MvsDK: MMA (It's incredibly complete to be an early DSiWare)
4- 101 Shark/Dolphin Pets (Love them)
5- Hello Flowerz (What :x?)

Special mention: Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics. My first DSiWare (bought with the free points that came with the system). I have never moved it to the SD card, and it was the first DSiWare I migrated it to my 3DS. It will always be special.

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@Morphtroid is Hello Flowerz any good? my sibling wants it but it looks too simple and alittle boring.



Looking back on it, my list needs an update.

1. Shantae: Risky's Revenge
2. Mighty Flip Champs!
3. Mighty Milky Way
4. Tetris Party Live
5. Art Style PiCOPiCT

Oh, and I have to say that Cat Frenzy is totally awesome, but I just can't stick it on my list.

Zenonia, DodoGo! and Pyoro are all good games too.


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xkirbyx wrote:

@Morphtroid is Hello Flowerz any good? my sibling wants it but it looks too simple and alittle boring.

It is fun for a while when the game keeps giving you new kinds of flowers. The game uses real time, it lasts for quite some time.

Meowph, that's right!

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1.Zelda 4 Swords
2.Earthworm Jim
3.hints hunter
4.Go Series Undeath Storm
5.Pop Island Paperfield

6.Bugs n Balls
7.Photo Dojo



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