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Well i got the game. I've played three levels so far and here is my first impression review.

Thorium Wars has amazing graphics (especially for being dsiware). The controls are real easy to master (by the way, you can change the controls in "options" menu during a mission). All the vehicles are pretty fun. There are two major cons though (so far). First off, on the levels I played they all had these pesky little anoying flying droids that would just keep coming at you, which can be extremely annoying when you are trying to destroy some "energy core". The droids were never a real threat, but when you find out you died all because some pesky little droid fired this almost nearly harmless shot at you, it can be nerve recking. I also hated how long each mission was. So far, all of my missions have averaged 30 minutes which is pretty long if you ask me. Other than that, its all great (the price could've been a little lower though). At the same time you'd also have to like this kind of game to really get into it, so its not for everyone. Overall 7.75/10

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Well, I took the plunge. I now have a whopping 16 remaining blocks of memory. DSiWare has constituted a majority of my recent game purchases...!

Anyway, I'll get some impressions up tomorrow, after I play one or two missions.



boooo no MP!for 1000pts,i want a 9/10 rating and a near perfect game...what a far i heard that this one could easibly cost 800pts... greed has gotten the best of Nintendo.

i wont be getting it.thanks for the review(s) folks!

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i have a hard time during mission #3 those dang cannons get me every single time no matter what i choose x.x; also those bombs are almost sometimes impossible to see it almost blends in with the enviorment

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Money isn't a big problem with me, and I like rail shooters. Memory, however, may be a problem. Is this game worth it?

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Tails86 wrote:

i have a hard time during mission #3 those dang cannons get me every single time no matter what i choose x.x; also those bombs are almost sometimes impossible to see it almost blends in with the enviorment

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Review is done. I'll give it a proofing tonight and hopefully get it posted tomorrow.




My enjoyment outweighed my reservations. But I'll say no more until the review is up. Don't want to steal my own thunder, after all...




@chicken: well if you enjoyed it i think it will be worth to give it a try

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Im passing. Ten bucks can be a LOT better spent on the PSP at the moment with the 165 titles that dropped for download Thurday.

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Wow, that's pretty much line for line the opposite of what I wrote in my review. Incredible.




Actually, the difference between the reviews seems to me to be that IGN is comparing the game to other shooters, whereas you're looking at the game in isolation.

I didn't find that many differences between the two reviews (other than the score, but that's ignorable). I'd be very interested to hear how you do compare the game to other shooters, Brutus?


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