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PhilipFry wrote:

Just a site I'm working on. So far, it has Petit Farm, PICROSS, and my PICROSS Solver v0.2, and each page has a comment box.
I need more programs.

Thank you for including Zombie Horde. I'm glad I made a game someone likes, even thoe it is an ungly looking text program.

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You're welcome! Zombie Horde was awesome, even though it was hard for me XD I'm probably gonna add more games soon.

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I have found a guy on Gamefaqs who has created desk dungeons. I have not downloaded it yet but here is the url.

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A bit of an update on Vype.

I completely redid Vype. Why? I said screw the black background. I added in custom GUI, I will take control of both screens. I want to be able to have clickable buttons on the bottom screen, for example, mute and unmute music, change music, etc. I will also redo my game Petit Pet so it isn't about beating your pet until it gets to a green square. My programs will have the following:

-Programs coded into the OS so you don't have to exit the program
-Control the bottom screen
-Custom GUI

Petit Pet
-Real time hunger system
-Mini Games
-Custom Pet

-Add in EXP system
-Add enemy AI
-Add items

-Create traps
-Create powerups

-Learn how to use DATA >:U
-Learn how to use sprites



I think if I ever want t learn sprites, I just need to get down to buisiness

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Remember PICROSS Solver? Well, it's making a return with an update!
This version allows you to view solutions for the 40 premade puzzles on PICROSS, plus a few other minor changes on the menu.
Official page:

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It took me several tries to scan the first QR. Next time, don't distort or resize the QR codes, please. Also, I liked the Apple and Racer games you made, but on Apple apples stopped regenerating after I collected 6 of them. Is it supposed to do this?

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no, i didn't want it to do that.
its getting an update anyway.if it still does that ill look into it
oh, no i know the problem
that was the first game i made using unclesporky's tutorial. the apple is spawning under the score. i fixed it already but not by the time i first uploaded it.

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So what if there's no Mega Mans in Metroid?
That doesn't mean we can't have metroids in Mega Man.



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@Morphtroid Petit farm ideas if it is not to hard to update- #1Petit farm school:where you learn how to take care of your farm.Suggested price for 1 lesson- 100. #2= Player moves faster. #3= put a basket in the forest incase you sell your daily gifts. 4# nintendo 3ds.=buy it in the shop for 700000(suggested price) and play minigames on it. #5 swim suit for 100000 for swimming in the water and finding treasure. A good idea is to take away energy for this. AND FINALLY #6 be able to change the color of the thing on the bottom screen of your ds- the operating thing. To: Morphtroid You do not have to make these updates- these are just suggestions. If you want to make these updates, your game would be worth at least 10$ if you were to sell this. Thank you Morphtroid for your EPIC and AWESOME games! KEEP UP UR AWESOME WORK! oh yeah and also try making the max money more than $99,999 like someone mentioned on the next page

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@Morphtroid and @lolkelvinlol : He has some great ideals. I would replace the swimsuit with a one man rowboat, then alowe to row to an island for fishing fun. Prehaps even find an old shovel which can be used to dig for treaser (asuming that there IS treaser). I would also do his 'game system' ideal. But remember, this IS a farm simulator game, NOT a colection of microgames Morphtroid could bind together and create himself.

More @Morphtroid : I would add a Bank (to save money for another day), Chickens (cheeper than Cows, and you can eat or sell the Chickens automaticly lay one each day). You could also buy extra land to farm upon (to keep us busy). And there should be people to talk to (and get farming hints from).

Again, More @Morphtroid : Finaly, I would add weather effects. Nothing to extream...dry times where you have to water twice, and rainie times where you need not water at all.

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Actually, the second update is close to being done, it's nothing too great, but it should add some more things to do.
The character is faster, several bugs are fixed, there are two new shopkeepers (one inthe forest and another one in the town), golden fish, etc.
That bank thing is actually a pretty good quick idea, I'll see if I can implement it before updating it.

As for all these other things, the current petit farm engine is pretty rigid and complicated to expand, but I'd love to add more areas eventually... Just not now lol I'd need to change a lot of internal things. Thank you two for your comments and ideas .

@phil: I finally got to scan the solver update, it's pretty neat I love the option to open PICROSS from the program.

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Thanks! Also @lolkevinlol I'm pretty sure the maximum money amount you can have in the game is $99,999...

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