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Right, this is the place to show the world how fast you are in the Paper Plane / Paper Airplane Chase high score mode! Simply list your best times, and I'll compile a list of the best ones here. You don't need to provide proof, but instead I politely request that you don't lie
Note: if you want to compare "Endless" scores, there is already an existing thread here.

My scores
Stage 1: 16;98
Stage 2: 23;03
Stage 3: 09;73
Stage 4: 17;01
Stage 5: 13;18
Stage 6: 13;55
Stage 7: 12;78
Stage 8: 14;10

It doesn't matter if you're not quite as good as some of the other high scores, and all contributions are appreciated. If this thread goes well, I may even compose a list including 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions for each stage.

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My scores:
S1: 16:48
S2: 22:46
S3: 9:08
S4: 16:30
S5: 12:71
S6: 14:10
S7: 12:46
S8: 13:33



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