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Hey guys! So, to celebrate the upcoming release of Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move, I decided to make two levels sets - one for Minis March Again and the other for Miniland Mayhem. The Miniland Mayhem one might not be ready in time, but the Minis on the Move levels are good to go!

The concept for each level is simple: I have made 16 levels, one for each of the 16 pre-sets that come with the game. For each level, I have set myself two conditions I had to follow. The first, is that anything that exists on the pre-set has to stay where it is: the minis, the exit gate, and the card could not be moved. Also, any of the flooring and other elements could only be replaced by similar elements (like floors could be replaced with magnet floors, or in some cases spikes).

Second, each levels "high score" had to be over 10000. So there are two challenges here: I believe you only need to get 10000 in each level in order to achieve gold. But in addition to that, you should be aiming for (or even trying to beat) the high score states on the level. I also tried to make each of the levels seem as professionally made as I could - I wanted to aim for them feeling and looking like legit levels, as I noticed a lot of the top rated user levels were either auto-complete levels, only had one gimmick going for them, or were just painfully unattractive.

The first two levels are now up, and I will have more posted once they get some ratings! So go play them! And rate them!

My friend code is: 4083-8432-0976, and each level is titled "Bazly" followed by the level number (Bazly-01, Bazly-02, etc.). I hope you enjoy them, and I look forward to playing some of the levels you guys mentioned in this thread, as I actually have yet to! When this game came out I didn't own a DSi, so I didn't even know this thread existed!

EDIT: I have now uploaded the rest of the levels "privately", so if you add me you can play them!

EDIT 2: So it has just occurred to me that you can't simply add someone, then search for their levels? You can find my levels by name, they are all titled "Bazly". Not sure if that would work or not though.

TL;DR: I made a set of 16 levels for Minis March Again. Add "4083-8432-0976" and play them!

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Ooh, I have Miniland Mayhem AND my first DSiWare was Minis March Again! Nice to see some are taking advantage of the trading. I'll start making levels again.

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Alright, I'll work hard to make some new levels, my FC is 112123110441 so check out levels I make if anyone's interested.

I have nothing really to say about myself.


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