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@MrRudi One thing I have been complaining about in the Nintendo Club Surveys for the games I purchase (especially dsiware or 3dsware) is that there is a complete LACK of unlockable content. You should at least consider having unlockable levels, music, modes, anything... Anything to keep the player coming back and going for anything more than a higher score. I think replayability is lacking on a lot of titles these days, esp downloadable titles. Just FYI!

I can see your point, and I actually agree with you - I have always enjoyed games that unlock stuff after finishing it to give me something new to do. It is definitily something we will consider if there is to be a sequel. Problem with Flip the Core was that we didn't call it a pet project for nothing, it was made without any financial backing or publisher involved - it came out of our own pockets. I've also seen a lot of people say that FTC should have been on 3DS since it is perfect for it, but I just want to mention that people saying that are not thinking straight. FTC in real 3D would never work.



Well, I picked it up today on a whim.

I'd say it's pretty good so far, although the flipping mechanic isn't something you think about in a shooter.

@MrRudi: Really? I'll say this now; If you were to make a sequel or something, add a difficulty setting and maybe revise the laser weapon a bit.
It's a bit too hard, but then again, I'm not that good at shooters. Plus, that'd add some replay value.
The laser weapon (the blue one) is good and all, but it feels like it could be stronger, like take away those little blue orb things and add more power to the laser itself.
Otherwise, I think this is a great game.



I just downloaded it. The flipping is pretty cool. It seems pretty hard at first, but then I made it to level 4 after dying on level 1 a few times, so I guess it shouldn't be too hard to beat. It's sad you have to beat a level to unlock it for level select as opposed to just making it to a level to unlock it, because it would be nice to practice the levels. I like that all the levels have different music, which is something a lot of pricier games don't have, and the Borg-like voice is pretty cool too. I downloaded this on my DSi, expecting the game to look sharper at its native resolution, but aside from the title screen the screen doesn't look very crisp: I don't know whether things were meant to waver on purpose or if the game was originally designed for a different resolution, but I wish it looked sharper. Also, a few times the game seemed to hang for a fraction of a second and the screen would lurch forward a little bit. Overall, it seems pretty good for $2: it's got to be a better use of money than buying Metal Torrent for $5, and I think I could see myself replaying this after I beat it, unlike most $2 games.

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So I beat the game a few times now. I was hoping for a final boss with more personality, but oh well. I do really like the music in this game, which is probably the only reason I've replayed it. I still don't understand what's going on with the background wavering, and my ship as well: is it like some kind of floating point error in the programming? Also, one thing that strikes me as strange is the cost to continue depends on the level you continue on rather than the number of times you've bought a continue: it's kind of unfair, because it can disadvantage you for dying near the beginning of a level if you don't have enough points to continue, but if you would have died at the end of the previous level you maybe could have afforded it, which seems strange to punish a player for surviving longer.


Bought it yesterday and it's pretty fun. Far from perfect, but for $2.00 it's well worth it.

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@Doodlejohn: a difficulty setting is definitlly something that we will add to a sequel - again, if there is to be one. It is just to early to tell if we will or depends on how busy we are, and if we have people available to work on it. Right now it looks like we will be very busy the next few months. Oh, and I am glad to see some people remark that they like the music...two months ago we posted some tracks on our Facebook page, but I'll post the link here too:



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