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Pop÷ Solo is 500 np's which is the only bubble popping game available in the DSiware shop that I'm aware of. This one has a lot of game modes but not much variety in the gameplay. I wouldn't recommend this one as none of the little ones never give that one a chance when I download it.

As for good 200 point games for a six year old its hard to say. I have a 8 niece who really loved games like Castle of Magic(500 np's), Oregon Trail(800 np's) and Mario vs. Donkey: MMA(800 np's).

I hear good things about these 200 point titles though....

1. Aura- Aura Climber
2. Spotto
3.My Farm
4. My Exotic Farm

As for a Electroplankton titles the most popular would be Hanenbow and Luminarrow. I've never played any of them though.

I'd go with Mario vs. Donkey Kong:MMA and Aura- Aura Climb if I wanted to spend 1000 points in the shop.

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cheapogamer4life wrote:

I have a 8 niece who really loved games like ... Oregon Trail(800 np's) and Mario vs. Donkey: MMA(800 np's).

Good suggestions. We actually have these. My daughter's dsi will be the fourth one in our house!

Birdman13 wrote:

Pop Island: Paperfield is definitely a must-buy for your daughter. It's very addictive and highly similar to Mario Kart's Battle Mode... Welcome to Nintendo Life!

iphys wrote:

For a 6-year-old I'd recommend Aura-Aura Climber, Pop Island Paperfield, and Spotto.

rosebud wrote:

I think on this thread I recommended the same games as iphys with addition of Castle of Magic also.

Thanks everyone! There's actually 100 points on there from the previous owner so I could get all of these for a ten dollar investment.



Boxlife trumps all to date IMO. The beauty of it is everygame you have a potential for a high score, perfect game design, and if that is not achieved during your game, then at least you are working towards un lockables as your score accumulates. Pictobits is a favorite as well followed by base10, Puzzle League and Aura-Aura Climber.

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@Slave- Army Defender is pretty good, but admitedly gets old fast and is more like a handheld arcade game. With a bigger and better library than when AD first came out, it's hard to recommend this title. Thorium Wars, on the other hand, is a really great game that I can recommend. It's basically a 3D vehicular shooter that plays similar to an FPS, though the difficulty can be really frustrating at times. While most people here on NintendoLife don't seem to have the patience with this game, I thought the game was really enjoyable for the most part and quite rewarding with the unlockable gallery and theater modes. It comes highly recommended by me, as long as you have patience.

@iLander &xraydash- I recommend Aura-Aura Climber for the both of you. 10 Second Run and Spotto are also pretty good, and people are saying that Defence Wars is a good game for its price.

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How's Airace? It looks great, but its 800 points in the US. Is it worth the extra $3, considering that its 500 in Europe? Thanks.

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Probably not, depends on what you like I guess. Honestly I didn't find to much wrong with that one other then maybe being a little lacking in track courses. Theirs only six(or so) but each course has a backwards mirrored track as well which add a little more replay value. 2 things I really liked about this one was the option to adjust the difficulty on the main menu screen and the touch or button control option. The game really looks and plays good which will give you plenty challenge on the higher difficulty setting. Personally I enjoy planes and racing games so this purchase was a no brainer for me.

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I would have bought AiRace at 800 points, but the differing prices between NA and EU left a bad taste in my mouth. There really isn't any reason for the price difference. It's a shame because I was looking forward to it.

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Considering the points are more expensive in the first place in Europe I don't think you're actually paying more to pay 800 NA points vs 500 EU points if that makes you feel any better about it.


Best 200 point game. GO!

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Anyone know how good Super Hero Ogre was?

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With 600 points....

what games would be good to get?

I've looked at Spotto, Army Defender, and Ninja Karakuri Den

and I have AAC and Pop Island: Paperfield plus GO Series: 10 second run

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Looking forward to The Conduit 2 and CoD: Black Ops for DS
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Yes, AlphaBounce. Flipper or precipice would be good purchases too.

I need advice on how to spend my next points card depending on the price of Cave Story. If it's over 800 I won't buy it, and if it is 800 or less I have 1200+ points to spend. I want Shantae but it doesn't seem very appropriate, so let's say that's off the table. I was thinking something along the lines of 500 + 500 + 200. The best trio of games I can come up with so far are Tetris, Ivy, and 10 Second Run, but there's another game I'm sure would be much better than all of those combined regardless of its price, though I don't know how long I can wait for it to come out before breaking down and going on an impulse-buying spree. See the new DSiWare thread about it I've made for more on that.

Anywho, any and all advice (including what I should spend my extra 800 points on if Cave Story is too expensive) is quite welcome.


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