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Retro_on_theGo wrote:

Birds and Beans sounds like it would fit your needs and it's only 200 points.

That's Pyoro in Europe right? In which case, I have it.


KnucklesSonic8 wrote:

Ever try Escapee Go?

Nope, what is it like?

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@Oregano: Escapee Go! is a stealth-based game where you basically try to guide a young lady through a maze-like level to the exit. Of course, along the way you pick up power ups and keycards, etc. Kind of like a stealthy Pac-man. The game is 13-14 levels long and playable on 3 difficulties. I think I spent about 2 hours with altogether and beat the game on all three difficulty levels, but I thought it was well made for 200 points.

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rosebud wrote:

OFF-TOPIC: I took a look at your website and really like the design. It's clean and well-organized. Good job!

Nooooooo Escapee Go isn't out in Europe yet. I'll have to remember to check it out when it is.

Thanks for the compliment but I'm just using a variant on the standard 2010 Wordpress theme. I know very little about website design.
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wow i guess DSIWERE Is turning into DSIJUNK STORE

more games listed


KUNG FU DRAGON 200 pts (not bad lookint at 2 bucks

Select your warrior and prepare yourself!
Your destiny awaits you!

Deep within the legendary forest, the Mystical Waterfall breathes spirit in the training, inspiring the final challenge. Now, three warriors will face the honorable quest to become the next Kung Fu Dragon.

Kung Fu Dragon is an action game in which the player climbs up an immense waterfall by performing a series of jumps. As a martial artist in training, you must face one of the most difficult tests of skill ever: waterfall climbing. You can increase your score by climbing higher up the waterfall by jumping between the various footholds that come falling down. However, watch out for the enemies that block your way, defeat them by jumping on them as you continue to climb as high as you can!

  • Select from three different warriors, each with their own skills.
  • Perform combos and earn bonus points.
  • Master the two-step jump, dive and float abilities.
  • Defeat Boss enemies and advance higher up the waterfall.


What happens when the dragons’ treasures are stolen by goblins, whereas you were in charge of watching over it? The dragons become furious and you must recover the totality of the treasure as fast as possible. Control the last guardian on his snowboard and take part in furious races to recover the stolen coins. Perform your best tricks to gain the favours of the dragon and to discover the invisible chests.

  • unlimited number of races
  • perform tricks to gain extra power
  • 3 environments
  • various race objectives

ANTIPOLE 500 pts

Wield the power to reverse gravity as you fight your way through the robot mothership. Manipulate gravity to overcome lethal obstacles, change falls into jumps, and defeat your enemies. Watch the world around you change with the direction of gravity, opening paths to explore and creating new hazards. Collect coins in difficult to reach locations and use them to unlock additional challenge levels. Test your limits by racing against the clock to beat the target times or push the bar higher and take on hard mode for the ultimate test of skill.

  • Reverse gravity to jump further or walk on the ceiling
  • Hard mode and unlockable levels for an extra challenge
  • Bonus mode for owners of Cosmos X2



My australian Farm --2oo pts (Lol a green kangeroo) kids like farm frezy might grab it for 2 bucks to keep the buzzy

My Australian Farm is a breeding simulation game!
At the beginning, all you own is an empty field, a little money and a single emu...
You need to feed the emu, take care of it and improve its lifestyle.
Well-fed with seed, it will lay eggs which can then be sold to the Shopkeeper. With this money, you can buy new animals at the Farmers’ Market.
Little by little as your farm builds up, you will unlock certain bonuses: a grain store, a wind turbine, a sacred stone, etc.
And you will be able to exchange your animals with your friends who play My Farm, My Exotic Farm, My Asian Farm or My Australian Farm!

  • 6 kind of animals to customize
  • Take care of your animals (food, clean, disease, etc.
  • Many farm improvement to buy and bonuses to collect
  • Exchange of animals and products with other players

PORTABLE SHRINE WARS ------------200

Get the Full Experience Game OverviewGO Series presents Portable Shrine Wars from Tom Create, makers of Defense Wars.
Ever seen a summer festival in Japan where dozens of people carry a huge portable shrine on their shoulders called a "Mikoshi"?
In “Portable Shrine Wars” teams of Mikoshi carriers go head to head in a fast and frantic competition. Barge opponent mikoshi's into the crowd or fling team members at them to send them crashing to the ground. As you run past grab any men that have fallen from their mikoshi to recruit them. The more men you have the faster you can run carrying the mikoshi and the more human-ammunition you'll have. You’ll need to battle giant festival bosses and mikoshi ninjas while avoiding pit holes and other obstacles. Portable Shrine Wars is a fast and crazy game and there is almost certainly nothing else like it.
*Go head-to-head with other teams of Mikoshi carriers
*Barge opposing Mikoshi's off of the track
*Fling team members at other Mikoshis to destroy them
*Avoid obstacles and battle against festival bosses

Well so far looks like my points are safe until AUG now



Is It recommend for me to purchase Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again! base on my enjoyment with Donkey Kong from the eShop Virtual Console? Are they similar?

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@Project-L - They're similar in objective, but while the original DK is more of a puzzle-platformer, MMA is more a puzzle game than a puzzle platformer. It's worth the $8 despite being different from the original game.

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Guys ! I have 8 Euros, what should i buy ? I'll leave my house in 10 hours (please answer quick ! = ) )



Redmad wrote:

Guys ! I have 8 Euros, what should i buy ? I'll leave my house in 10 hours (please answer quick ! = ) )

Alphabounce (500 Nintendo points) is a Arkanoid clone with RPG and exploration elements.

Every grid on the mini-map contains a level. Your main objective is to tackle planets that are made of multiple grids and uncover Earth. Searching for grids with image of a item for improvements like more powerful bouncing (drilling) ball to take down difficult blocks (conglomerates). Every planet has a theme of block types that you have to watch out for and hope that you have the right set of items in order to take them down. Complete a planet will reward you a new horizontal paddle (envelope) for you to customize with. The action takes place in both screens.

This is the best version of Arkanoid because it has a feature, without that feature the game will be annoying just like Arkanoid. That feature is called The Javelin. The Javelin activates when their are only a few blocks left. The bar above your health meter on the bottom touch screen will fill up and once it's full,a blast will take down the "hard to hit" only blocks by pressing up on the dpad.

The game has longevity and difficulty settings. One save file only. I highly recommended it

@Birdman13 I'll purchase MMA soon then.

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slidecage wrote:

Oregano wrote:

Alright guys I've already got quite a lot of DSiware but I'm looking for a new game or two so you can just throw any suggestions out there.

The stuff I'm looking for:
any price but cheaper is better
can be played in quick bursts and can be taken at your own pace
preferably has lots of content and not much repetitiveness

Any suggestions are appreciated!

airport mania 200 pts is a nice game for 2oopts
Farm frenzy comes out tomorrow at 500 pts

Yep Airport Mania is a good choice for 2 bucks.

Also, while I was reading your post, one word kept flashing in front of me: Trajectile. I just bought it a few days ago, and it matches perfectly with what your requests were. Its perfect for pick-up-n-play and is really addictive. Plus, you get dozens of levels (over 80 by my knowledge) for a mere 5 bucks.

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Got Trajectile/Reflect Missile.

Haven't Airport Mania... might check that out.
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Excellent choice! I assumed you had it already.



Oregano wrote:

Got Trajectile/Reflect Missile.

Haven't Airport Mania... might check that out.

make sure you get the right Airport mania they released 2... one is the full verison one is just a single stage looped (same priced0

someone talk me into buying Trajectile/Reflect Missile.... tempted but it seems its isnt that much fun or major replay (very short)

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I've had Trajectile for over a year and I still haven't beaten the game. It's a fantastic short burst, arcade-style game that has loads of stages to complete if you take your time and play for a few minutes at a time. Then there are also medals to achieve on all the levels, so there's a lot to do. It's a must-buy IMO.



I've had great fun with Trajectile/Reflect Missile. Imagine a turn based Breakout / Arkanoid / Alleyway / AlphaBounce that's more of a puzzle game and you've got an idea of what it feels like. Watching gameplay videos online should get you a better idea though.
The presentation fits it very well and it really felt rewarding to finish a stage and get medals for getting more points. It's not too hard and it must have taken me about ten to twenty hours to fully complete the game. So the 500 points felt like a total steal in my opinion.

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Pandalicious wrote:

WaltzElf wrote:

But then I am a time management fan. Still. Farm Frenzy is the best of those. (and it's not a "farming game" like the previous poster suggests. At all)

And now for a hilariously belated response:
I said "farm game" which it is. It has a farm theme. Also, the DSiWare port at least doesn't sound very good:

"Farm game" is stuff like Harvest Moon, or My Little Farm, or whatever. Where you have animals and crops and such, and you farm them.

Calling Farm Frenzy that is misrepresenting it entirely. Farm Frenzy is closer in concept to Supermarket Mania.

That's all I was clarifying when I made my post.


I have 500 dsi points left, what are some great dsiware games with lots of replay value?



SuperTogepi wrote:

I have 500 dsi points left, what are some great dsiware games with lots of replay value?

Tertris Party Live has tons of replay value, if you like to play online that is. If you're interested in a Shmup, Metal Torrent also has a competitive online copmponent in the form of a wifi leaderboard.



SuperTogepi wrote:

I have 500 dsi points left, what are some great dsiware games with lots of replay value?

Soul of Darkness is my personal favorite.
Dark void Zero is too.


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