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... just in time to save us from the pig-flu or swine fever. Yippee! Mario saves the day again!



I found this quite disappointing. I mean, it's good old Dr Mario, but the only addition is the Vs CPU mode, and after playing the WiiWare version, it just feels really old now. And it's quite small on the screen as well. Still, I knew what I was getting when I bought it, so I suppose I can't complain, really.

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I quite like it, inspite of not owning a Wii myself (although I'm currently babysitting one, but can't play it - no TV)

As much as I like Dr Mario, I would like to see a DSiWare release of good old Tetris. That would make may day.



I happily held of on the Wii Dr. Mario and so I had no expectations for Dr. Mario on my DSi, so I enjoyed it. Now when I get Dr. Mario on the Wii my expectations will be exceed. Anyway, I did notice that Dr. Mario was much smaller that the Web Browser and Aquia, my other two purchases. (I need more Wii points)

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I downloaded Dr Mario on Friday. I wasn't going to get it as I have the Wiiware version. But I'm gaming more and more on my DS nowadays and the review here was positive also. Since getting it I've been addicted. Can get to level 22 on low speed, thinking about moving up to medium speed soon! For me it works better on the DS then the Wii, but it's a big shame it doesn't have multiplayer, but to be honest i's just get beat lots.



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