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Have you ever got nintendo points without buying them? Like just typing random numbers in the ''Add Nintendo Points Section".



LOL it's not likely that Nintendo would be dumb enough to let that happen is it? Hence the 16 digit codes!

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Yes, but only as a gift, ya know for my birthday. People like to give me points cards.
Otherwise, no.

I doubt anybody tell people online that they shop lifted.

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Well, if you have the time to try nearly 10 quintillion combinations, maybe you'll get lucky. I can't help but feel that there is a security measure to lock you out if you just keep putting in incorrect codes over and over, though.

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And what fun would that be? LOL

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No, because the cards have some sort of security sticker on them. You know how it says "do not scratch off untill blahblahblah"? That sticker might be some sort of chip that prevents anyone from taking the codes without actually buying a card!

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Someone succeeded once, yes. In fact, there was a huge discussion topic about this on GameFAQs that I frequented also. Some tried deciphering code numbers and such.

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