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What do you think of the Game? How far are you in it?
& Is it Worth The Price?

1. I think its another great AS title that should sell very well.
2.I'm On River on #7
3. Totally worth $5 in my opinion since i'm a huge fan of Art Style Series Games.

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It's the first Art style I didn't bother to download. Not saying it's bad or anything, but I'm really starting to get sick of puzzle games being the only good games on DSiWare... I'm actually looking forward to Gameloft games because they seem to be the only company offering things that are NOT puzzle games.



so true!

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Its alright but im still playin the Base 10 and PiCoBiTs cause i like numbers and puzzles as well.

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Its my third most favorite Art Style game on DSiware.

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