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Yeah, this is LONG overdue, but after not seeing a topic for this, and looking back at my old DS games, I've felt the need to make this topic. Maybe there's a thread for this, but if there is, it must be buried way in the DS topics. Until then, well, brag (or joke, if it's that bad) about you Warioware DIY creations (or monstrosities, and we all, no matter how good we came to be, made one of those).


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My accomplishments:

  • implementation of a password system to make up for the lack of fully-fledged game creation options
  • buttons to create a multiplayer game
  • a non-linear fighting game (which took forever, was scrapped several times, needed to be written out on paper, suffered compromises, and contains two glitches, one of which is quite a bit more than cosmetic, but very rare)
  • created a game w/ you, the protagonist, and 4 other AI based antagonists
  • created a game w/ an enemy that has 3 moves at his disposal (a fast super-attack, a regular one, and a slow one to trick you into wasting your one attack, so you get hit)
  • a 1 in 4 chance lottery
  • a few parodies, like an eye drop swap in the game Dry Eye, and a far different ending to the Secret game (no, it's not a hidden one)
  • a completely original game, w/ no imported content
  • a working replica of the SSB: Brawl stage, Norfair, and yes, there are safety pods and killer lava flows (don't forget a killer, bouncy Samus, Snake, and a few platforms to chose from)


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Well... I did this game where you randomly water 1, 2 or 3 flowers.

I'm actually 3 microgames away from completing a full set... I need to start making these.

Yeah I don’t know either.

Oh look! A Morphloggery.
Oh! eShop Gurus.

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I hope it's okay to bump this thread since nobody has posted in it for a few months. I just got this game about a week ago and I love it. I've made six games (five of them can be seen here: The Diamond City and Ninsoft games are good, but I love seeing the games other people make. You really have to be creative to get past some of the limitations of DIY.

If anyone wants to trade games, let me know. I want more WarioWare friends.



^ If you have Showcase, I could send you some of my games via Wii. My Wii code is either in my sig or in the link to my DIY Wikihouse, which shows info on most of my creations. Man, I haven't played this game in over a year! This was what pretty much defined 2010 for me. Great memories! XD

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oh let me get my friend code for both 3ds and wario ware ok

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