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I've had a DS since it came out and a DS lite for only over a year now, ...but I'm a bit skeptical about the new, somewhat gimmicky DSi.

So what are your thoughts on it? Did you / will you buy it? Why or why not?
Is it really an improvement, or is the whole camera stuff just a worthless gimmick?



I'd say if you are considering getting a DSi, get one. The DSi is truly a great system. Some might say a PSP is better, or that it stinks, but its not true. I've been a Nintendo fan for a long time. Of the three DS systems I own (phat, light, and DSi) I think the DSi is the best. The camera quality is pretty good (almost better than my phones 3 megapixel camera) and the music player is pretty good. The only complaint I have of the DSi is that the DSiware has been pretty bad lately, but that shouldn't affect someone's choice. Overall, the greatest Nintendo hand held EVER!

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Well, I have to say that there isn't a chance in hell that I'd buy one. Yet, anyway. The system and the DSiWare service offers nothing to advise purchasing far. Maybe six to nine months down the line I'd rethink my opinion, but after playing around with my roomies DSi I can honestly say that I'm glad I didn't give into the hype. Again, in the future I could easily change my tune, but so far I'm unconvinced.

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Yay, Psycho Fox! Yeah, I'm waiting till something comes out on DSiWare that I actually want. I don't understand why the DSiWare has been so crappy so far, as the one way to entice people to buy a DSi would have been to have some truly awesome games for it. All the bells and whistles they've added to the thing are too trivial to entice DS lite owners (unless they're like 8 years old and have time for fooling around with silly cameras).

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iphys wrote:

unless they ... have time for fooling around with silly cameras

Cue the legions of myspacers. gouges out eyes

I like my DSi, but, as said, it definitely isn't worth upgrading from the Lite as of yet - having bigger screens and better speakers is nice though. Yeah, DSiWare is a bit lacking, yet I quite enjoy the few titles I've downloaded so far. I'm definitely looking forward to the other ArtStyle games. Also, I'd be surprised if Nintendo didn't release the Virtual Handheld sometime around E3.

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I am a big fan of my DSi, but I agree, so far the DSiWare selection is pretty weak. Hopefully they will put a VC on the DSi soon, once you can download GameBoy games on it, the DSi will be a must have.

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The dsi has made me as happy as when I first bought my n64 back when I was young.



I am a big fan. I was sceptical at first, but now I am of the converted.

If you look whats out on Japanese DSiWare, I think its pretty healthy overall IMHO. Hopefully we get exactly the same releases here. Add that to games that haven't been released yet that have been announced FOR release..then I'm happy enough.

As for current downloads: Real Football, Art Styles Code and Aquite as well as Dr Mario have been quality downloads...not to mention Pyoro. That's 5 decent downloads for me already. I'm not unhappy.

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