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Rayman, I was an early adopter. After seeing the magic of touch screen control on a friend's DS, I had to have one... I didn't really get any good games for it. It's only last year when I dug it out from a dusty old crate that I picked up gems like Phoenix Wright, Professor Layton, Hotel Dusk, Final Fantasy IV, and more.

Now I <3 my DS.



Ratatouille lol



Puyo Pop Fever, so darn addicting

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Super Mario 64 DS.

... What do you expect me to say?

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Super Mario 64 DS.

My first impression was that I thought the DS was great hardware. I thought Mario 64 translated pretty good on the DS, aside from the controls. It took a while for any other games worth buying came out (imo) so I spent quite a bit of time playing Mario 64.



Kirby: Canvas Curse. Well, that was the first full game (Which I got with my DS Phat in 2005) and there's also the Metroid demo that came with it.

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Pac-N-Roll. Suprisingly fun, but that was back when I had a major Pac-Man obsession, and the game itself is far too short and easy.

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My first game was Mario Kart DS

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Mine was Lego Star Wars the complete saga.

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HolyMackerel wrote:

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. I had only finished Aria of Sorrow not long before and it was great to play a sequel with such big improvements. I really loved it and I think it's partly why I have such a high opinion of the DS.

Same here. I really enjoyed Aria of Sorrow alot in fact it was my second favorite Castlevania game right after SotN. I bought Aria on the Castlevania double pack that also had another Castlevania game which I cant remember right now for the GBA. When I found out that there was a direct sequel to it on DS I ran and an got me a DS and Dawn of Sorrow.

Overall I was really impressed with the graphics and the touch screen part where you had to draw the seals was a nice touch. I didnt care for the art style of Dawn though but that wasnt the DSs fault. I just think the anime styled does not look good in a Castlevania game.

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I got Super Mario 64 ds and Warioware Touched on day one, and I thought that they were absolutely incredible. I loved warioware from the gameboy days but I had never played mario 64 until the DS came out. And what a pair of games to start off the life of a brand new system

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Pokémon White

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Yoshi Touch & Go and Advance Wars: Dual Strike.



HolyMackerel wrote:

@SigourneyBeaver Welcome to Nintendo Life! Can I just say that I love your username.


I've been a reader of the site for a couple of years to keep up with the VC/Wii Ware/DSi Ware releases, but I've only recently started reading the forum. Seems a nice place.

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The Urbz: Sims in the City.
I'm still waiting for another Maxis game half as entertaining as that one

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I believe it was First Hunt, but my first full game was SM64.

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The first one I bought: Kingdom Hearts Re:coded
The first one I played: Mario Kart DS. Which was like four hours ago.


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