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My first DS game was Pokemon Diamond. Summer of 07.



Some Phineas and Ferb game

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My parents bought me my very first DS system when I was in 10th grade (DS Lite) and they bought me Mario Kart DS to go along with it. Good times!!!


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The first DS game that I ever played was Mario Kart DS. It was also the first Mario Kart game that I ever played so it was a brand new experience for me. Everything felt fresh and new and I found myself playing for hours on end.


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Phantom Hourglass <3



The DS was my first gaming device ever, and I had picked out 3 games- Yoshis Island DS, some tony hawk game, and lost in blue 2.
Yoshis Island was the first I played.

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The first DS game I got was My Sims. Not terrible, but I never beat it. I got stuck a the end and I just didn't enjoy the game enough to finish it.

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Super Mario 64 DS. Got it on my birthday in 2005, with a DS, of course. Electric Blue.

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My first DS game was Mario Party DS, and I also got it at the same time I got my DS... and I still have it, luckily (2006)

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First DS game: GTA Chinatown Wars. It was awesome.

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i think the first DS Game i ever played was pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team witch i got got on xmas 2005 i think along with a european ds phat(at least i think the phat was european, it wasnt bad, but i think the gba version was better

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My first DS game was Super Mario 64 DS. Fun times were had with that game, and in general all my DS games.


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I honestly can't remember, because I had 2 games with the console, they were Mario Kart and Yoshi Touch & Go!
Well, I was a Zelda girl back then, they were ok but I only played them a short time since the console and games were resold! They were my first but I don't have any fond memories, like DQ Rocket Slime or Rayman DS



Mine was Brain Age.

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My very first game is actually Metroid Prime Hunters : First Hunt, which was thrown in every original Nintendo DS that were manufactured from November 21st 2004, and I both got it and Super Mario 64 DS a day before Christmas comes in. The game is actually an early demo of Metroid Prime Hunters, in which the latter is released in March 21st 2006. And I still have the game card and its packaging. I did completed the game, but the touch controls took a while for me to get hang of them.

If you're not counting the above game as a proper retail game, then there's Super Mario 64 DS. Even though it's a remake of the original N64 classic, seeing a free-roaming 3D environment running on a mere portable console was mind-blowing at its time, before PSP took over.


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Pokemon Pearl, got it as a late birthday present along with my old DS Lite, as I couldn't stand my PSP. Never looked back since.

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