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my first was mario 64 ds then mario kart ds then animal crossing then pokemon diamond



Mine was Mario Party Ds. Such a classic.

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I think my first DS game was Mario 64 DS.

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I must be the only one with game is Nintendogs best friends.



Rune Factory! I bought it mainly for the reason that you can get married in Harvest Moon Games.

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When I first got my DS Lite, I got two games for it.

New Super Mario Bros. and Nintendogs!

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I had Mario 64 DS,and Nintendogs with my one.

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Mario 64 DS, and Asphalt: something.
Great Mario 64 remake. I like any game I can play as Yoshi as much as I got to as in that game.

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new super mario bros

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Mine was Spore Creatures.
The one where the creatures you make are 2-D like paper.

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I still remember it fondly... Yoshi's Island DS. It was the only reason I got a Nintendo DS in the beginning. My mum bought Ypshi's Island from GAME but didn't recognize it was for the Nintendo DS only, so we bought the console that day and I started playing Yoshi's Island DS.

It was pretty awesome actually... but then it got boring. :/

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Megaman Battle Network 5: Double Team DS

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My first few:
yoshis island
kirby super star ultra
sonic rush
megaman ZX



Metroid Prime Hunters



I got Brain Age and Star Fox: Command when I got my first DS. LOVED Brain Age. I was in school and didn't have a lot of time to commit to a video game, but Brain Age was the perfect amount of time. Didn't really care for Star Fox as much as I wanted to. I loved the SNES and N64 versions growing up, but this one didn't cut it for me.

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I got that back in 2005 with my first DS. I haven't played it in years and don't know where it is, but maybe it's best I don't - it's a bad port by all accounts, even though seven years ago as a kid I enjoyed it. But my standards were a lot lower then and I was a lot more willing to persevere with irritating controls or mechanics. It was a nice introduction to the DS, though. I think my second game was SM64. Then I got a few more games, lost the DS for years and didn't start playing again until 2010.



I remember it like yesterday. As I opened my DSi XL box, my heart started beating more quickly. As I opened the box, a beautiful scent - the scent of roses floating on a cool, crisp breeze - wafted out, and I breathed it in deeply. Slowly, but steadily, I peeled back the plastic of the instruction manuals. I breathed in the sweet scent of new books as I slowly, carefully, leafed through the pages. This was great, but it was only a hint of what was to come. Deeper in the box lay the console itself. Softly enveloped in its foam envelope was the gorgeous system, quietly awaiting my sole attention.

My breathing became heavier and more ragged as I picked up the console. It felt perfect in my hands. I could swear I heard it sigh as my fingers gently, but confidently, explored its gentle curves. With an emphatic click, the top screen locked in place as I opened the console up. The smooth, shiny power button seemed to call to me. As I pressed it, trying to stop my hands from shaking with excitement, the DSi XL sprang to life under my touch. Never was a sweeter sound heard than the siren song of the start up tune.

While the menu entranced me with its perfectly-sized icons and beautiful fonts, giving me a glimpse of future pleasures, right now I could only think about more immediate gratification. As I picked up the Pokemon White cartridge, searching for the Slot-1, I could only think of how lucky I was. This console was giving itself over to me, and this moment was only between us. I inserted the cartridge into the slot, being firm but careful not to cause my console any damage. I felt only a little resistance, but with a soft, satisfying click I could feel the game was in place.

Sure enough, my endeavours produced a visible response. A Pokemon White symbol appeared on the main menu, begging me to select it. I took a deep breath, then another, before crumbling under the anticipation. I pressed the A button, which softly gave way under me, and the screens darkened. Fearing I had gone too far too quickly, my breath caught in my throat. Fortunately my DSi XL had decided only to tease me - suddenly music and images appeared, beautiful in their boldness. Now, I felt, my first experience with my DSi XL had truly begun.

I played it for seconds, minutes, hours. Eventually I lost all track of time and gave myself over to the game. I saw or heard nothing around me - just the beautiful sounds of music ringing in my ears, and those two big, bright, radiant screens filling my vision. The DSi XL and I were one - we were one unit, the boundaries between us melting under my caress.

Finally, after untold magical hours, I could not go on. Satisfied - at least for the moment - I gently lay the DSi XL down beside me, took in a deep breath, and smiled. I was spent, but only temporarily - I could not wait for our next wondrous, enchanting nighttime liaison.

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