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I bought both Meteos and Super Mario 64 DS
then a few weeks later got Scurge Hive, and Tony Hawk's American SK8Land

The first DS games that I got that I really liked were Lunar Knights, and Animal Crossing.

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Mario Kart DS I think... Not entirely sure.

My friend got me a DS for christmas. I think he also got Mario Kart DS, but only because he wanted to play against me. He's a multiplayer whore you see, and I generally steer clear from the second rate Mario spinoffs. I wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth though so I played it anyway. It ended up being the best Mario Kart I have played... ( the only one I hadn't played at that point was the GBA game. )

He may have gotten me Super Mario 64 or Animal Crossing too... He either got me one of those two, or he got me neither, and I bought them the same day he gave me my DS. I just know he was the one who drove me to the game store.

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Well the first DS game I bought (and liked) was mario kart FTW

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Mine was club penguin i got for christmas around when i was 8 it was ok for a little kid game

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Wario Ware Touched! on launch day. It was a great sequel to one of my favorite ever games Wario Ware Inc. and an amazing showcase for the touch screen. Though of course the first DS game I played was the Metroid Prime: Hunters demo that came with the first batch of consoles. It's funny, I remember thinking the controls were really cool. Then, when I actually got Metroid Prime: Hunters a year or so later, I realized that while they may be cool in short demo form, use them for more than 10 minutes and they become absolute agony...


My very first DS game was Super Mario 64 DS. While I've seen complaints about the d-pad controls, I found the remake to be brillant. It put my first ever console game on the go, and the game made a perfect transition to me. The new playable characters, Yoshi, Luigi and Wario, added a new level of depth to the game and made it interesting for completions. I've already gotten the cake at the end to showcase without Luigi, Wario and both. Due to being a handheld title, it is my most preferred 3D Mario title to play and tied with Galaxy and Sunshine as my favorite.

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Favorite Game: Metroid Prime Hunters


I'm not one hundred percent sure about this, but I think it was Animal Crossing: Wild World, which I enjoyed and still occasionally play to this day.

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i got my ds lite when i was 11 years old for chirstmas my frist games was
a hamtaro game(cute cause your never to old for hamtaro lol)
cake mania(still have)
pet resort(sucked)
and club penguin:elite penguin force(beat on the first day i got it lol)

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My first DS game was Digger Dan.

Oh wait, you mean first one I bought? Hmm, well, I got Mario 64 and Wario Ware at the same time (I think). Probably played Mario 64 first.

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Another Code (or Trace Memory as you call it) — really showed a few tricks the DS was capable of and made me fall in love with the DS' possibilities

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The first game I ever bought was Animal Crossing: Wild World. Yeah, it wasn't the best game to get when you're a 10 year old boy who likes adventure games and has a very short attention span.


Mine was Yoshi Touch & Go.

When I first played it I was kinda like "Meh," but I ended up enjoying it.

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I can't be 100% sure, but i think it was Metroid: Prime Hunters. I used to spend hours online at the time. Hehehe. I'm sure we all did. Heck, some of us still do. But the 2 best games i had on the DS have to be Pokemon HG/SS and the legendary Megaman ZX and Megaman ZX Advent. Sniff The memories of playing the zero series back in the GBA.



I think it was Kirby Superstar Ultra

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metroid prime hunters demo, came with my DS Phat, after that, Super Mario 64 DS



I got nintendogs and Brain age 1 both at the same time, but played nintendogs first. I was amazed at how interactive the pets were!


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Advance Wars: Dual Strike

After playing Advance Wars 2 on the GBA I knew I wanted this game. I didn't know how tough it was to find a copy of this game at the time (no shops seemed to stock it) but I eventually got it and I wasn't disappointed.
It still remains one of my very favourite DS games.



Super Mario 64 DS, and Ping Pals. I got them the year they came out, they were both Christmas gifts that I got along with the DS. Of course Mario 64 was awesome; and although Ping Pals might not be the most highly notable game, I enjoyed playing it because my best friend got it also. Actually we just played it the other day. lol



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