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Super Mario 64 DS

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full game; super mario 64 ds, bought in a bundle, also got metroid prime hunters first hunt, so first demo.

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mario 64

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Mario Kart DS; the bundle that came with the phat red DS

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I got Brain Age and Diddy Kong Racing when I got my DS Lite for my birthday awhile back.


Mine was Pokemon Diamond. I loved it, but not as much as Emerald Version though!

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I can't remember. I think it was metroid prime hunters.

Thaaaaaanks for noticin' me.


Super Mario 64 DS and Lego Star Wars II. But, the first actual game i played on my DS was Super Mario Advance (GBA).

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I got it when it came out and if I remember right I just had Super Mario 64 and Ridge Racer, oh and that dumb tech demo Yoshi game. Within the window (30days) though I'm pretty sure I got Feel the Magic within there too and Asphalt Urban GT but they could have been a bit later.

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Metroid Prime: Hunters. I enjoyed playing it the first time through, if only for the thrill of being able to play a Metroid Prime game on a handheld. As far as most games go, it's definitely not the best, and as a Metroid game, it's among the worst.

I'm not sure why, but I never bothered with any of the DS Mario games.

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Super Mario 64 DS was my first DS game. I beat the game but did not get all the stars. I believe that either Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney or Puzzle Quest was my second game.


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Mine was Super Mario 64 DS as well. Second game was Wario Ware Touched, but I didn't get hooked to my DS until I got my hands on Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow.



Drawn to Life. It came with my DS.
Wasn't much of a gamer before.



New Super Mario Bros...that really got into full into portable gaming as I wasn't into it before much. I had a GBA with a only 3 games on it.

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Animal Crossing: Wild World, The reason i got a DS

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jasonlovestwinkies wrote:

Animal Crossing: Wild World, The reason i got a DS

I swear to god this isn't me saying this. Id never make another account. But yeah I totally agree 110%.

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Mario Kart DS, got it along with PH and the DS.

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Pokemon Ranger and Mario and Luigi Partners In Time



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