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Stine wrote:

The first one I bought: Kingdom Hearts Re:coded
The first one I played: Mario Kart DS. Which was like four hours ago.

NO WAYYY. You've been missing out on the DS for so many years??


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Tj92 wrote:

Stine wrote:

The first one I bought: Kingdom Hearts Re:coded
The first one I played: Mario Kart DS. Which was like four hours ago.

NO WAYYY. You've been missing out on the DS for so many years??

Well, I didn't really get into gaming until a few months ago, so even though I wanted a DS I decided to wait for the 3DS.


Sims 2 pets and New Super Mario Bros. DS. Christmas 2006.

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My first DS was a DS Lite, and I purchased an online bundle from Wal-mart that came with 2 free games with a list to choose from. I chose New Super MarioBros. and LoZ: Spirit Tracks.


My first DS game was Pokemon: Diamond on my old fat DS. The last Pokemon game I had recently played was Gold at the time(even though I owned ruby) so the graphics really impressed me and the music was nice too. I thought it was a great experience for my first DS game.

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Mine was the first phoenix wright, along with mario kart ds

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I forget if the first DS game I played on it was Mario 64 or Mario Kart.
Probably Mario 64. I was also disappointed to find the touch-screen control was a poor substitute for a control stick. So I played with the D-Pad, which is somewhat ironic as the original Mario 64 was the first console game I (and I'm sure many others) played with an analog stick.



For my first DS (fat) first game was Mario Kart; For the DS Lite the First was Castlevania PH; For the second DS Lite (The first was hit by a car...sad story) Final Fantasy Tactics A2. For the DSi Pokemon Heartgold. Between the FFTA2 an PKMN have around 400 hours of play.


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Mine is Nintendogs and I like it!

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I got a DS Phat bundle when it came out, and packaged with it was Yoshi Touch and Go. Still is a really good game

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My first DS game was Drawn to Life back with my original white DS Lite.

When I got my new used blue DS Lite, I got SoulSilver, New Super Mario Bros, and Modern Warfare 2 DS. :]


pokemon pearl i got it with my first ds lite loved every seccond of untill i got pokemon white whitch i have completed in the first week it came out but i have lost the cardrige



Dragon Quest Monsters Joker.
Loved that but never finished

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My first DS game way back when I got my original Phat was Sonic Rush, I believe, and possibly Super Mario 64 DS as well. Both excellent games in their own right.

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NSMB. Although it may have been a little on the easy side, I think it was aimed more at players who don't have that much experience with platformer games. I LOVED the multiplayer, I play multiplayer more than single player now The minigames were great too, although they kind of get boring and for some reason the one where you have to blow into the mic doesn't work with the microphone on my 3DS (it just doesn't register)

If the 3DS has not been discontinued SM3DL and MK7 are awesome games, but if the 3DS has been discontinued Sony has taken over the world.It is not true that both Sony has taken over the world and SM3DL and MK7 are not awesome games.Therefore:Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 are...


Super Mario 64 DS

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Besides the Metroid demo that came with the beast, my first game was Spiderman 2. Back then I was young and dumb. First worthwhile purchase was Super Mario 64 DS (Ya the controls weren't too great but it was an impressive port for the DS). Linking all the best free online games to you!


got a launch ds, and I think Mario 64

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Spiderman 2. Don't judge me.

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My first game on DS was actually not so great for me. I played Metroid Prime: Hunters and absolutely hated it because of the controls. I also did not like my second choice which was Animal Crossing: Wild World. I am glad I still continued to give the DS a chance though as late on I have played some real gems and is probably my second favorite system after the SNES.



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