Topic: Will Mighty Flip Champs be the World of Goo of the DSiWare service?

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Anyone think that Mighty Flip Champs has the potential to be one of those long-lasting hits for the DSiWare service much the same way World of Goo has been on the WiiWare service? We need a really great game to set the bar higher than what we've seen so far.

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It does seem to be a perfect match for DSiWare really, the way it uses the dual screens is pretty neat. I'd much prefer that devs tried something original like this rather than ports, stripped down ports with extra modes and party games. Mighty Flip Champs is actually something I can get excited about!

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I kinda doubt it, it looks more like it'll be the Toki Tori of DSiWare.

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Sorry to be pessimistic, but I agree with KDR. You need more than that to capture the audience Goo has. World of Goo sold as much as it did because it is very pretty. People who don't read review sites aren't going to be as instantly drawn to Mighty Flip Champs. Without knowing more about it, it doesn't look like much, unfortunately.

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I think that It'll be pretty successful (For DSiWare anyway) but i doubt that it'll be as big as World of Goo. I wish it could be but it doesn't look too realistic.

Now that KDR's mentioned it, i wonder if we will get a Toki Tori for DSiWare. I think it could be a possibility at least.


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Nintendo Power recently made an article about MFC. It looks great!

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I think it will be successful considering what's out now.... the only competition is the Dr Mario, wario ware, and birds&beans




I got my DSi last week and am just itching for some new games...I hate to go out and pay for all the extra packaging of a retail game now that the download capability is there. Plus, the little cartridges are so easy to lose!

I wasn't too fired up about Mighty Flip Champs just based on what's been previewed on this site, but the Nintendo Power article made it sound pretty great and I am very excited to get it now. Of course, I'm a sucker for any blocky puzzle game so I probably would have bought it anyway...



KDR_11k wrote:

I kinda doubt it, it looks more like it'll be the Toki Tori of DSiWare.

I was just about to say the same thing.

They are both puzzle/platformers, so I think they will represent a similar asset to each service. And seeing as how I happen to love Toki Tori, this is certainly not a bad thing.



I kind of doubt it'll be the WoG of DSiWare, but I'd be surprised if it tanked. It does look like a fun game.

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Yep it looks like Mighty Flip CHAMPS WILL BE A LOAD OF CRAP. It will probably be the best game on DSiWARE but is still going to be crap. There will probably never be any good DSiware games but let's hope that there will be a virtual hanndheld or boy

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While Mighty Flip Champs may not be the next World of Goo for the DSi it will definitely be the BEST game on the DSi so far! WayForward is an amazing company and I am sure they will not disappoint! This is the killer-app that the DSi desperately needs right now! I agree with most of the posts on here that anticipate Mighty Flip Champ's success will most likely be similar to that of cult hit Toki Tori! I for one do not have a DSi yet but this game should be reason for anyone with GOOD taste to get one!



I'm getting it but the sales will probably disappoint me like Gta china town



I think it will be a good win for the service. I hope it comes out soon. Its just about the only game there is for me to look forward to on DSiWare...

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Flip champs is good, but it's not where close to World of Goo.

The music is Goo blows Flip Champs out of the water.
That graphics blow it out of the water.
And the gameplay blows it out of the water.

Flip champs is a good game, don't get me wrong, it's just not world of goo.



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All arguments about the quality of the game aside, I think it would be delusional to think that this game will sit atop the download charts the way Goo did. I believe MvsDK has already passed it, and I'll be surprised if anything knocks down that game in the near future, certainly MFC won't be back up at the top again.

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It's impossible to beat Goo. Or even close. Goo was at the top for.........actually I don't know, but it was a really long time. DsiWare also doesn't have the press support. For example, WoG got lots of reviews and all of them were huge scores (a 9.5 from IGNorant will perk anyone's ears up). I actually struggle try to find MFC reviews. But yeah.



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