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Should i get a wii or dsi




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Get a Wii.

So many good games, so little money to spend.
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Uhm that's two totally different things >.< you should get both but if you already have a normal DS or a DSLite then of course the Wii

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I'm telling you! go for wiisi!

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Wii for sure. Lots more downloadable games. Also I think there are more great retail games for Wii than for DS.


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You only need one Wii to play with others. Everyone needs a DSi to play together. For that reason, home consoles will always be better.

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Definitely Wii if you can only get one, but there are a great selection of games for both.

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If you already own a DS or DS Lite, I would stick to that for now and buy a Wii. But if you don't have either handheld though, grab the DS instead. Despite owning both a DSi and Wii, I spend MUCH more time playing DS games than I do Wii games (and I don't even travel that much- I play the DS in my house most of the time). Also, if you're planning on playing multiplayer, it would be cheaper to buy a DSi and a few pre-owned DSes for friends ( the original model that is) than buying a Wii with 3 extra remotes and 3 extra nunchucks.



I would say it depends on when you game. If you are more likely to play at home when your at work or school...wii. If you're more likely to play if you're on a train, bus, car trips, or while your out waiting for something or traveling, then get a DSi.

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k calm down lol




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Which one has more games that you want? What else would you need to buy to go with the console you choose?
If you go for a Wii, it comes with WiiSports so at least you can start playing right away. You'll probably want to play with friends/family, so you'll want to also get another remote and possibly another nunchuck. Then there are batteries to consider, so you'll probably need to get a charger as well or else a bunch of batteries. Then think about the games you want and how much they cost.

If you go for a DSi you won't get a game with it, though you'll get 1000 points to download a few. You won't have to worry about batteries for it, and you really don't need to buy a whole lot of kit for it right away (carry case can wait). How much do the games cost that you really want?

The Wii would probably cost you more in the end .. but personally I'd say you'd probably have more fun playing with your friends and family on it. If you get your family playing with you they'll get into it, and probably want to get more games, so that could be a plus
But on the other hand if you don't have a lot of access to the telly because someone else is always on it, you'd be better off having a DSi so you can go off and play when you want to.

Let us know what you decide!

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Go for the Wii And get a game (Wii Sports won't keeped you entertained for long.) It will cost you about $300. Get nunchucks and remotes later. But if money is a issue buy a DSi with a game, which could cost you about $200.

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I say DSi.

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I bought a DSi last night and I love it. I like how its portable.

I also have a Wii but it's only better if you have people to play with all the time.

In terms of games, the DSi seems to have the best games priced around $30 where the Wii has the best games priced around $50. It seems easier on the wallet and if you can play your DSi anywhere, that's a good thing to consider.

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