Topic: Why do some people feel the need to buy the clocks and caculators on DSiWare?

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I have noticed that some people on Nintendo Life have bought some of the clocks and/or caculators on DSiWare. Seriously, why? Buying these apps is a waste of money and space. There are much better ways of spending 200 Nintendo Points.

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Because they have different tastes than you do.



I think the Clock isn't worth getting IMO but if I had a DSi, I'd get the Calculator simply for convenience and because of some of the features it has. I can't find a Calculator whenever I need it.



Maybe its b/c they can or they want to ? Everyone is different



KnucklesSonic8 wrote:

I think the Clock isn't worth getting IMO but if I had a DSi, I'd get the Calculator simply for convenience and because of some of the features it has. I can't find a Calculator whenever I need it.

that's exactly why i got the Mario Calculator

  • 1. It's just $2--I can spend most of that on a coke at a gas station.
  • 2. The space they take up is negligible.
  • 3. I've downloaded only 2--the Mario clock and the Mario calculator--but so far, I've already gotten my money's worth out of the clock. I took a trip to the mountains a couple weeks back, and having this easily set alarm clock on the DSi saved me from messing with a cell phone to do the same thing, which I always hate, because cell phones generally have the most awkward menus for changing your alarm. It was also nice to wake up to the underwater theme from SMB, and I did jump around collecting coins for a couple minutes before shutting the lid and going to sleep, which was a strangely relaxing and mindless kind of repetitive task, whereas booting up a real game probably would have kept me playing for a half hour when I really needed to get some sleep.
  • 4. The calculator is sure to come in handy, as it has a clean interface and a handy unit conversion feature. It's just a nice thing to have on the DSi menu in case I need it sometime whilst out and don't want to break out the laptop for such a simple task as calculating or converting something.
  • 5. What I'm really anticipating is the announced translation app that will be released sometime in the future, and which supposedly will allow you to take a picture of text and then recognize and translate it automatically. I'm sure it won't work as smoothly as one might imagine, but I'm still looking forward to playing with that.

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I'm really looking forward to that translator too, warioswoods. Now that's a great app!



sirgrim wrote:

Because they have different tastes than you do.

This is a good way to put it, I'm one of these people, and I DO use them from time to time for simple convenience so as long as they serve their purpose it's OK.

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I love Mario Clock (use it all the time) and Mario Calc is indispensible since there's no calc on the ds. I, for one, love having apps you can use on my ds in day to day life rather than just a ton of games I probably won't play for very long anyway. I can't tell u how many times I played the Mario Clock mini-game while waiting in a line somewhere or in bed drifting off to sleep.. lol.

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I got them because those crappy $2 clocks and calculators are the cheapest way to get Club Nintnedo coins.
Let's say you get AC Calc/Clock, Mario Calc/Clock, and Photo Clock. For $10 you get the same amount of coins you would get getting a $60-70 game for the Wii.

That's really their only use.



Hardy83, yes, that's also trues and I meant to mention that

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Because when I punch in numbers into a calculator, I want it to say it in an Animal Crossing voice. I love my calculator, I'm going to get the Mario ones later.

They're also good for Club Nintendo coins and filling in the gaps between point purchases.

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To me the Mario apps are worth $2.00 each also the club nintendo thing



i bad at the 24 hours clock on dsi and i need something with 12 hour so the clock come in hand


calcutor need cuz am really bad at math

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I bought the mario calculator cause i thought it looked kinda cool and there wasn't anything else good that was 200 points (that i didn't already have)



I really think its a waste of money and space myself. If I need a clock or calculator or alarm clock.....well that is all free on just about any cell phone that is available today. So come on Nintendo give me what I bought my DSi for GAMES. I want 2D Nintendo downloadable games. When I start gettin that I will support any freakin thing else you put out.

Problem is that Nintendo is dropping Apps and NOT Games on DSiWare. When we get the games it will be cool to see some apps.

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I have gotten soooo much use out of the Mario Clock. For 200 points you not only get a Mario themed clock but you get a cool little NES style mario mini game with randomly generated levels for you to play on and every 15 mins it changes to a differnt level theme.
Ive used the main clock app once or twice and it works pretty well with your DSi in standby mode... but the mini game I have used sooo much just to kill five mins when waiting for a bus, picking kids up from school, etc.

To be honest at 200 points Paper Plane and Pyoro offer less than the Mario Clock in terms of Gameplay.

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... because they can? seriously, no one's forcing you to buy them, so why do you care?

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We've nothing better that we can download for 200NP

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ok dude seriosly BIRD AND BEANS is and awesome 200 point game on dsiware shop channel thingy soo dont waste youre money or free points on clock use it on that

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