Topic: Who's getting a DSi at launch?

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I am as the Gamestop near my house is having a midnight launch I am pumped about it!

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Nope i don't have enough money, il probably get one in a couple months are so.



I am! I traded in my DS Lite and got the extra $100 paid off just yesterday.



I pre-ordered one! Cant wait!


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My birthday is at the end of april, so that should get me enough money to buy one hopefully.

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If it's not selling out already, I might try to reserve one later today out of sheer Nintendo loyalty. Aside from Aquite and the potential of a Virtual Console for GB titles, I don't know why I am even thinking about this. Hopefully self-control will win out.

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the dsi has great potential. in the future they might have a update so you can use your dsi to make movies or record footage.
in the future i think there will be a dsi phone service for a small fee so you can call anybody whit any cell phone. last i think they will come out with a gps/road map/navigation app avlibal to download from the dsi shop last and not least i know later on there will be a free app on the dsi shop called dsi messenger. you can email your friends who have anyemail acount or email messeges to there dsi's overall i think dsi will become a iphone/ipod touch killer

oh by the way the psp sucks!! the dsi sent the psp to hell and killed it with a knife. and burned it with gas and a bic liter. may sony and psp burn in hell muhahahahahahha!!!!! >:}

oh im getting a black dsi and a 4 or 8 gb SD card with it! tomarow at launch in the good old united stats this will be more exciteing than new years!! oh for my birthday im getting a dsi starters kit.

the dsi flip book is suppose to be fee forever on the dsi shop (= im very creative so im looking forward too this new app for [email protected]# ps:im going to make bloody stickman fights and youtube vids with it

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Definitely not at launch. Maybe not ever. Maybe.

I've had my DS Lite for a few years now, and I love the thing. I especially love being able to play my old GBA games, and my heart just sunk when it was found out that the DSi would be lacking the GBA slot.

I'm still playing the waiting game for that "must-have" DSiWare game, or handheld VC. Also a white model.


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I got one for my wife launch day. The main reason I haven't upgraded my DS lite is the GBA slot, I still play a few games with it.



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