Topic: Who wants to play Black Ops DS Zombies?

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If you want to play zombies, join the hound clan. We love to play Zombies and we have a chat and
a forum, so you can register to our forum and post some topics and also register to our
chat to talk to our members and play zombies.

The Hound Clan is a friendly, active clan that loves DS Zombies. We give away prizes,
and there are plenty of tournaments, fun game modes, character builds (check forum),
and clan wars, but the main thing is that you are having fun.

What do you have to lose? Join our clan by following our clan rules (in our website),
registering to our forums and chat and putting [Hound] or [HD] before your name
in DS. Visit our website here:
Thanks for joining, if you have any questions, message me back. Remember this is a
new clan, so there is only 15 members registered in the first 2 days, so just stay
on the chat and people will log on and you can play zombies.
We would love you to be in it.



I'd be straight over if you'd put the URL to your amazing site somewhere in your post. I've searched and searched, but I just can't find it anywhere.

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