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@Late is alphabounce a good game?

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sam322 wrote:

@Late is alphabounce a good game?

YES! Its fantastic and one of my best DSiWare purchases to date. The game literally has a limitless amount of levels on it. I don't know the exact number but I would be shocked if I heard anyone beat every single level. Add in a bunch of in-level power-ups and a ton of great items to add to your arsenal scattered all over outer space and you've got an extremely solid 500 point game. If there is one game you'll get your money's worth out of, its this!

BTW, I konw the question wasn't directed at me but I couldn't resist pushing AlphaBounce

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@bboy2970 na it's ok bro
so which one to buy, alphabounce or inchworm animation?

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I'm tempted to get Alphabounce but I don't know.
A game I'll probably never finish. Hmm Decisions Decisions.

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4. 3D-Space Tank (X-Scape): Repetive boring gameplay, annoying retro music (unlike Mega Man). Gave up after the shitty Earth mission, where you have to do this pointless filler mission (shoot 30 ships) again every time you fail shoot down the missiles cuz those flys are everywhere shooting at you while you´re taking down the missileeeeeesssss.... AAAARRRRGH!!! Yeah, I don´t like it. Wasted 8 euros. Waiting for Starfox in 3D.
3. Mario vs DK MMA: Starts easy and gets really hard later. Huge game for 8 euros. I like it.
2. Photo Dojo: When did I have so much fun playing a game that has me, my brother and Falco Lombardi in it?
1. Shantae: Risky´s Revenge: Too much backtracking otherwise nice. Awesome bosses too.

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It would be great if David Wise made soundtracks to all future Nintendo games.


All right, let's start with the worst and go to best:

  • Photo Dojo: To less content to play with and a poor fighter. Good thing: Playing with friends gives a laugh.
  • Mighty Flip Champs: I just don't like it... It's no fun to play. 8 bucks gone forever.
  • DodoGo Robo: Nice little game but with very obvious puzzles. Good for 2 bucks.
  • Aura Aura Climber: Nice game where I don't get bored fast: Good game modes and good gameplay.
  • Shantae: Risky's Revenge: The best game on DSiWare, but too much backtracking.

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thanks both of ya!

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I doubt I'll be able to order them or even rate them all but I'll list my faves and least faves at the end.(Flipnote and Opera browser not included)

Art Style: Aquite
Art Style: Code
Art Style: Boxlife
Paper Plane
Art Style: PiCOPiCT
AiRace: Tunnel
Army Defender
Digger Dan & Kaboom
Castle of Magic
A Little Bit of... Dr Mario
Mario vs Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!
Dragon Quest Wars
Dark Void Zero
Reflect Missile
Ferrari GT Evolution
Game & Watch Donkey Kong Jr
GLORY DAYS Tactical Defense
Globulos Party
Drift Street International
GO Series: 10 Second Run
Maestro! Green Groove
Mighty Flip Champs!
Move your Brain Rollway Puzzle
myNotebook: Blue
GO Series Fatal Blow
Pop Island Paperfield
Pop+ Solo
Pop Island
GO Series Picdun
Remote Racers
Shantae: Risky's Revenge
Bird & Bombs
Aura-Aura Climber
GO Series Tower of Deus
GO Series D-Tank
Thorium Wars
Warioware: Snapped!
Mario Calculator
Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ
Asphalt 4

AiRace: Tunnel
Army Defender
Bird & Bombs
Pop Island
Pop Island Paperfield
GLORY DAYS Tactical Defense

Least Faves:
Remote Racers
GO Series Fatal Blow
Move Your Brain Rollway Puzzle
Castle of Magic
Maestro! Green Groove

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wonderful bro! Thanks a lot

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Oregano wrote:

Least Faves:
Remote Racers

Yeah, I wouldn't bother with that game.



Haven't updated my list in awhile so here we go:

EJ Puzzles: Hooked
Fun game, but becomes a paint-by-numbers grindfest extravaganza.

Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Becon
Only one table, but does so many things right and nothing wrong.

AiRace: Tunnel
Great tunnel game and packed with features.

Paper Airplane Chase
Best pick up and play game. Can always count on it when need to kill a small amount of time.

The Seller
I like this card game.

Looksley's Line Up
Very fun gimmick/hidden object game.

Face Pilot: Fly With Your Nintendo DSi Camera!
Great game. Too bad the camera games can only be played in limited places. I have a giant forehead so otherwise had no problems with the controls.

Cave Story
Portable Cave Story!

Castle Conqueror
Well done for this genre.

Advanced Circuits
My favourite DSiWare logic puzzler.

Dragon's Lair
I love Dragon's Lair.

Aura-Aura Climber
Excellent game with high-scores and achievements.

Art Style: Aquia
It's like Tetris for people who don't like Tetris.

Pop Island Paperfield (and Pop Island)
Great game, gets repetitive but worth checking out if you can spare the points and are okay with the theme.

Elemental Masters
Good but not perfect Triple Triad style game. The presentation is a bit overwhelming and drab, so I recommend ignoring the story your first play-through.

Well done.

Absolute Baseball
Fun. I did a second season without using any manager options or stat points and I'm still winning 80% of games, and there hasn't seemed to be any difference... needs an option to execute players for bringing dishonour upon your team...

3D Mahjong
Very good, but I expect more from Mahjong solitaire on the DS.

Rytmik Rock Edition and Rytmik
I've never made music before so would need an option to import other people's songs to get used to this.

Gets repetitive eventually. I liked the vs mode against AI.

Metal Torrent
Very fun, but losing is frustrating and you'll lose a lot.

QuickPick Farmer
Good game, but a highscore touchscreen arcade style game wasn't as fun as I thought it'd be.

GO Series Picdun
Fun, gets repetitive too soon.

Soul of Darkness
More mindlessly fun than most metroidvanias I've played, but short.

Art Style: ZENGAGE
The difficulty of level 5 in this game is like level 300 in other games, brutal. Wish there was a walkthrough so I could cheat.

Art Style: PiCTOBiTS
I didn't like the difficulty balancing. Retro music player if you're too lazy to play music on SD card.

Gets repetitive too soon.

PictureBook Games: The Royal Bluff
Great game, but can't play single player forever.

Shantae: Risky's Revenge
I prefer playing Cave Story, would otherwise rank this higher.

Great game, but the online wasn't active and so moved on to other games.

Link 'n' Launch
Another Logic puzzler. Nice theme and fun but short campaign. (There's also an extremely lengthy puzzle mode)

Glow Artisan
Another Logic puzzler. Nice puzzle design and randomizer.

Mighty Milky Way
I thought this was going to be partly an action game, oops.

Fun but gets repetitive too soon.

The Oregon Trail
Would've preferred if it was more strategic and retro.

Art Style: BASE 10
Was looking forward to a math game, it went okay...

Art of Ink
It also went okay...

Glory Days - Tactical Defense
I don't like tower defense and this didn't have anything else to offer.

Crystal Monsters
Some of the design was fun, but been there done that.

Pop+ Solo
Surprisingly didn't focus on having fun popping bubbles enough.

Blayzbloo: Super Melee Action Battle Royale
Gameplay is non-existant.

I felt poor character design requires you to play too much to benefit from strategy, and the lack of offense was boring.

Photo Dojo
Was pointless to me, the fighting was worse than similar minigames.

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KnucklesSonic8 wrote:

Oregano wrote:

Least Faves:
Remote Racers

Yeah, I wouldn't bother with that game.

It's a shame as well because the AiRace games are awesome. This game is simply broken.

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well thank you very, very much for the help.Btw i'm not a puzzle fan ,not a really big fan) will getting advanced circuits be worth it

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It's 200 points and has an online demo

It's somewhat similar to sudoku [very simple, go through the puzzle one step at a time, doesn't really get repetitive], but I like the gameplay, racing against the clock, and achievements more. Now that I've completed everything, I only play a few rounds every now and then, but even that is worth 200 for me.

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very nice!

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I have:

Looksley's Line Up (US) / Tales in a Box (Europe)
Mahjong by dtp young entertainment.

Both are excellent.



thank you!

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First, the Art Style series, all of which I refuse to remove from my main browser window thing, ordered from "favorite" to "still awesome but not quite as awesome as the ones that are more awesome":

  • Art Style: precipice
    I'm obsessed with this game. Something about it makes it horribly addictive even though it's really simple doesn't really have a whole lot of content.
  • Art Style: AQUIA
    It always weirds me out to see fans of the Art Style series not like this one... once you really figure out what's going on and get good at it it's AMAZING. The sound design is easily one of the best in the series, and it's got one of the best overall themes in the series.
  • Art Style: BASE 10
    This one hurts my brain but I love the concept, and it's a blast to play once you start getting a rhythm going (though I still rely on a lot of frantic guessing). The 2-player mode is also incredibly fun, and the puzzle mode is nice and challenging.
  • Art Style: BOXLIFE
    When you get into the harder levels, this game is unforgiving and can cause horrible hand cramps. It wouldn't be that big of a deal except that you need to play those levels a million billion times if you want to unlock everything in the game. Still, everything about the game is adorable, and it's a very unique concept.
  • Art Style: ZENGAGE
    As I'm getting closer to unlocking everything in this game, I'm liking it more and more. Some of the puzzles (I've unlocked 99 so far) are fiendishly difficult, but they can all be figured out with enough patience, which is kind of the point of a puzzle game.
  • Art Style: PiCTOBiTS
    I suck at this game and I'm not interested in chiptunes. That being said, it's still a very neat game and deserving of the praise it gets, and after I'm done with Zengage I'm going to really dig into this one.
  • Art Style: DIGIDRIVE
    This game is fun when you finally get a rhythm going, but I still suck at it, and I haven't taken the time to really figure it out, since it kind of doesn't seem to fit in to the Art Style series all that well.

Now, the normal games from "favorite" to "doomed to remain trapped on my SD card forever":

  • Mighty Flip Champs!
    Holy crap, I love this game. I downloaded it after I finished Shantae, and I find it WAY more addicting. That might just be because I like well-crafted puzzle games... but I'm still having a lot of fun with it even after beating it once.
  • Pop Island: Paperfield
    For 200 points you can't go wrong. This game is a lot of fun (especially if you have people to play it with... the most I ever assembled was 5), but the music is hideously awesome and makes the whole experience even more hectic and awesome.
  • Shantae: Risky's Revenge
    It's a pretty great game, but I don't think it's as absolutely amazing as a lot of people make it out to be. It definitely would have been better off as a fully-fleshed-out retail release.
  • 99Bullets
    This is a great pick-up-and-play game, especially if you're a fan of the shoot-em-up genre. It's also really pretty and sounds great, too.
  • Photo Dojo
    If you didn't get this game when it was free, WHY DIDN'T YOU GET THIS GAME WHEN IT WAS FREE?!? I don't know if it would be worth paying money for, though it is pretty entertaining if you can fill up all of the characters with your friends.
  • AlphaBounce
    The idea behind this game is awesome, and it provides a decent amount of entertainment for a while, but eventually you get to the point where you realize it's a deadly trap. Or at least a horrible time waster that hits a plateau when it turns from "fun" to "tedious".
  • Glory Days: Tactical Defense
    I haven't really played this one enough to really make up my mind about it, but so far it's been pretty neat. I mostly just wanted to support the makers of Pop Island.
  • AiRace
    This is a very pretty game, and it handles quite nicely, but unless you can convince a friend(s) into also purchasing it or you REALLY like racing games it's probably not worth the money.
  • Looksley's Lineup
    The head-tracking thing is pretty awesome when it works, and the game is mildly entertaining while it lasts, but I'll probably never go back to it unless I have kids and I want to force them to get my moneys' worth for all the games I've bought over the years.

Now, just for good measure, here are the various software applications I've also downloaded, arranged from "neat!" to "kinda lame!":

  • Inchworm Animation
    I have so many ideas for things that I want to make (and COULD make) using this software, but I'll probably never get around to them.
  • Rytmik
    I'm bummed that I never received my prize after working my ass off to make a song (and video!) for a Rytmik contest (that was carried out in a very annoying way), so I haven't gotten much use out of this software since then. It's actually a very decent piece of audio software if you can ignore the fact that it has a very limited selection of instruments to use.
  • Flipnote Studio
    I never had the patience to figure this one out, but I've seen some great things produced with it.
  • Nintendo DSi Instrument Tuner
    I successfully used this software to tune an instrument.
  • Rhythm Core Alpha
    Man... I could see this program being capable of great things, but it's just such a horrible confusing mess to look at, and it's too hard to figure out how to get it to NOT try to automatically write the music that I'm trying to write.


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I'll rate my games 1-10
Shantae: Risky's Revenge (I was a little dissappointed with this one) 7
Cave Story-10
Dark Spirits-8Super Hero Ogre-7Flipnote Studio-10Dark Void Zero-7Animal Puzzle Adventure (Why I downloaded that is beyond me)-5Dracula: Undead Awakaning-6Hero Of Sparta-6Soul of Darkness-8Bomberman Blitz-7Libera Wing-5Zoo Frenzy-6Bird and Beans-7
Airace Tunnel-8
Mighty Flip Champs-7
Mighty Milky Way-7
Plants V.S Zombies-8
Ivy the Kiwi? MINI-7
Asphalt 4: Elite Racing-8
Photo Dojo-6
Battle of Giants Dragons-7
Battle of Giants Dinosuars-6
Pop Island-8
Maestro! Green Grove-7
Filps:Bloody Horowitz-5
System Flaw-2

No one knows what kind of games I play!!


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