Topic: Whatever Happened to Angry Birds?

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well they must release it ASAP

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I know they announced it for Wii and DSi a year or so ago, then the guy from Rovio went all "YEAH WELL WE HAVEN'T ANNOUNCED IT YET MAYBE IT'LL COME TO THE 3DS WUDN'T THAT BE COOL?"
They should just hurry up and release it

New name, same game.
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I heard that angry birds would be released for 3ds

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Well that was quite the thread revival...

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It is in a month, but no way I'd pay $30 for it, also worse is revios hypocrisy to physical games saying "$50 piece of plastic" but there doing a $30 piece of plastic so it's ok

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well it's coming to the shop with all 3 games for durmroll please.............30$ yep i said it 30$s.

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