Topic: What other Warioware Micro games would make a good DSi release?

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Pyoro and Paper Plane were both fun Wario Ware microgames, but what other Microgames from the Wario Ware series would you like to see show up on DSi ware?

I'll start off by picking Apple Assault from Wario Ware Twisted. They would have to tweak the controls for stylus play, but its still a blast to play. What would you like to see?

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The one with the balancing thingamabob from WarioWare smooth moves. I know that you can't tilt the tower exactly, but I'm sure Nintendo will find a way around this (maybe stylus to tilt and D-pad to move?)

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Jump Forever, because of the music you can unlock from it. I love Haru, Natsu, Aki, Fuyu (Four Seasons, the song from Kat & Ana's stage on the original WarioWare).



I wish there were some way to get Bungee Buddies on DSi because that one game was more fun than the rest of Smooth Moves put together.

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I also enjoyed Jump Forever. I think Fly swatter would make a perfect game for 200 points. I guess with Dr. Mario Express already out there is no chance of getting the Dr. Wario Micro game.

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They can remake the Dribble and Spitz boss game (Galaxy 2003) into a full game.


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They need to release that weird boss minigame in Touched where you go in to that nose. That would rock if it had 100 levels.

I would buy it instantly if you could use a picture of your nose for the beginning of each level!


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