Topic: What Music do you have on Your DSi?

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i have alot of The Adventures of Duane and Brando on my DSi

they're awesome!


metakirbyknight wrote:

I have the World of Goo soundtrack, The Wiire Podcast and all kinds of weird stuff.

Tails86 wrote:

Have to convert your CDs to MP3 format then MP4 to put on your DSi or just get iTunes and pay $0.99 each song

No, if you buy crappy iTunes then Apple's (not your) music is DRM'd and can't be put on the SD card for playback on any devices that are not licensed by Apple.
If you want to get around this, burn it to a CD. Apple re-encodes it in to MP3. Then rip, convert and play.

Nope, the iTunes store no longer sells music with DRM. You are free to transfer it to any device.



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