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There is a website full of free flash games called "" (without the quotes) and they have some awsome flash games, a few of which i would like to be able to play on my DSi, and thus, on the go. these include the 'Thing Thing' Series, 'Thing Thing Arena', The 'Zombie Horde 1-3' games i would REALLY like to see on dsiware. (zombie horde is similar to 'The lost Town : The Dust' title that is already on DSi.)
The 'Stickman Sam' Series and If Possible the game 'Motherlode' from "" (without Quotes) and finally, the last series i would LOVE to see on dsiware is the rest of zenonia series. With all of these popular games, im sure nintendo would make alot of money, especally from the rest of the zenonia series, because of gamers who have a dsi, but can't afford a smartphone, or their family/Significant other will not let them get it.



That's nice, Heroguy293. Please feel free to put links to the games you like into your profile or signature. :3

future of NL >:3
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