Topic: what color DS do you have?

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Well my sisters have my wine red.

I had the original black DSi.

My replaced DS Lite was a gorgeous silver.

My first DS Lite was the common two tone red. I found it after it got replaced. After I got my DSi, my sisters got my sparkly silver one and ruined it. I still had my first red one until I traded it for 3DS.


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Midnight Blue DSiXL
Black 3DS #grammicals


Dragonfly224 wrote:

DSi Blue
3DS Aqua Blue

I just LOVE blue...

I also have a blue GBA SP, even.

Vibes and low lights


had a silver onix(i think thats what it was)guitar hero ds lite
black ds lite(my limited edition had something wrong with it one day so sent it for repairs and got a black one)
mid night blue dsi xl
cosmo black 3ds

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I have a Silver Phat DS, a Black DS Lite and a Black DSi XL, I always get black Nintendo Handhelds now these days, my 3DS is also Black.

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I has the awesome big burgandy dsi xl

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White DS Lite, sky blue DSi and a Aqua Blue 3DS.



Cobalt / Black DS Lite
Platinum GBA
Teal GBC

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Silver DS Phat
White DS Lite
White DSi
Black 3DS

And soon: Silver 3DS XL

Looking forward to: No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again

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