Topic: what color DS do you have?

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i have flame red 3ds

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AQUArius Blue:3

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I have a black DS Lite, kinda boring now in the grand scheme of all the colors for it, but I actually waited for black. As for 3DS I have aqua blue (bought launch day), it's nice, but their will probably be nicer 3DS colors out soon.


I have a dark blue GBA
a pearl pink GBA SP
a silver DS Original (DS phat )
a red and black DS Lite
an aqua 3ds

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As for me, I don't have an original DS or DSi console anymore, but I do have two 3DS consoles (and before you ask, the primary reasons are multiplayer and Pokemon trading).

-My Flame Red 3DS is named Charizard, and my primary Mii is named Red NP (modelled after Red from the original Pokemon games).
-My Aqua Blue 3DS is named Blastoise, and my primary Mii is named Blue NP (modelled after Blue Oak from the original Pokemon games).
-I also have a Platinum GBA SP with a Whomp charm attached to the wrist strap hole.

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Blue DSlite
Aqua Blue 3DS
I like blue.



black GBA
and [lamest 3ds color] aqwa blue 3ds

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I have cosmo black 3ds
wish i had legend of zelda ocarina of time limited edition

erik tree beard


Layton4evr wrote:

I have a dark blue GBA
a pearl pink GBA SP
a silver DS Original (DS phat )
a red and black DS Lite
an aqua 3ds

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Aqua 3DS.
I'm going to sell mine to a friend and do a System Transfer onto the Red 3DS.



Clear GB original
Red GB pocket
Blue GB color
White GBA
Black GBAsp
Green GBmicro
Silver DS original
Black DSlite
Black DSi
Black 3DS



GameBoy: Original Grey, Pocket Grey/Silver, Color Yellow/Pikachu
GBA: Clear Pink, Blue, Silver, and a Blue SP
DS: Oh god... Lite White, Lite Pink, Lite Blue, Lite Black, Lite Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red, Lite Mario, DSi Black, DSi Imported Blue (Though about three are ones I took from family)
3DS: Aqua Blue (My sister has Flame Red as well)
NES: Grey
64: Grey
GameCube: Blue
Wii: White and Mario 25th

Currently I just use the Mario Wii and the Blue 3DS

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I have the fat blue ds that came with the nintendogs best friends game.



GBA SP : Blue
DS Lite : Black
DSi : Matte Black
3DS : Cosmo Black

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Red 3DS. I'm thinking of buying the pink(hear me out first!) and putting some Dan from Street Fighter Decal Stickers on it and give the red one to my girlfriend so she can play SM3DL

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Silver DS Phat, white DS lite, light blue and black Pokemon DSi, dark brown and red Mario DS XL, black 3DS and a Zelda 3DS

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I have a blue DSi XL and a black 3DS.

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