Topic: what color DS do you have?

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Which color DS do you have?

I have the light green one (I think it was a limited edition came with some cooking game)



Tasuki wrote:

I have the original gray DS.

same here.
Good old fatty DS

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Black DSi

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lets see I have the grey DS Phat a white DS Lite A Black DSi and and invisible made up color DSi XXXXXL

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My Nintendo DSLite is navy blue.

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To each their own


Black DS Lite



I have a rainbow DS Phat.


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oh yea mine is the ds lite



I have a Platinum DS Phat, a Polar White DS Lite, and a Black DSi.

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Original DS - Blue
DS Lite - Zelda Gold
DSi - Black

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Whatever colour I decide to spray paint it.



Black DS Lite.



I'm on my 4th DS Lite now...

My 1st one was White, but the screen got horribly clouded.
My 2nd one was Black, but the right hinge ended up breaking.
My 3rd one was White and perfectly fine, too bad it's stuck In storage at my X friends house

And now as my 4th(oh god..) I have a new Cobalt Blue DS which I got a few months ago in Sept
And sure the DS being black on the inside is much better as the black contrasts perfectly with the screens, but the White DS looked beautiful on the outside in all of it's glossy white glory hehe. I miss it!

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White DS Lite, white DSi.

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