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Hey! I know there is a "DSiWare Recommendations thread, but I noticed it's very long, and in a way is a discussion of a lot of different DSiWare games.

What I want to do here is try and start a discussion on what are the MUST HAVE games on DSiWare. Whether you have a DSi or 3DS, what are the DSiWare games you feel EVERYBODY should have on their system?

As for me, I would say anyone who has a 3DS or DSi, friends with their own DS, DSi, or 3DS systems (or friends and your own extra DS, DSi, or 3DS systems) should have the Pop Island games! You can share a "demo" with unlimited multiplayer access to as many friends as you want, meaning it is pretty easy to amass enough systems to have large groups playing at once.

Other than that, I'm not too sure yet, thus why I wanted to hear what other people think!


i loved both undead storm and draculas undead awakening,both are zombie shooters,birds and beans is awsome and addictive,i must run seems pretty cool,and theres more but i would have to check


@Bazly - You don't have to root through the hundreds of responses in the DSiWare Recommendations Thread to get people's opinions on their "must-have" DSiWare titles; personally, I don't mind posting a list of my 10-20 favorite DSiWare titles every time someone wants recommendations on what they should get from the DSiWare store/eShop. Just post there that you're looking to flesh out your DSiWare library and people will be sure to recommend their favorites to you.

Also, there was a similar list like this in the DS forums before it was locked for being too similar to that thread's recommendation thread, so I don't see why this one would be treated any differently.

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no offense, but this is the same thing as the existing Recommendations thread, just phrased a bit differently. In case anyone needs a link, here you are. :3

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