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Topic: Was Golden Sun Dark Dawn Really That Bad

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Was I the only one who considered the graphical style as a step in the wrong direction? I mean, the first two games were wonderfully rendered in 2D and then, they decide to adopt a 2,5D style which felt odd at times.
Anyway, I think that the main characters are absolutely troped. I couldn't force myself to play through the entirety of the game because the bad characterization and the simplicity of the plot. GS2 introduced a plot twist right at the beggining when you control Félix and the other three (apart from SPOLERS SPOILERS SPOILERS the original GS1 team at the end SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS). And I have the impression to simply wander around the world in GS3 with a mere excuse... I think it IS a bad JRPG after all :/

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It's just so........ BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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what @Kawaii_Neko said

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The plot had holes bigger than Shamalayan movies.
The characters were bland (heck a couple were pointless)
The difficulty was absent

This game was pretty much an insult to the fans

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as much as i did enjoy it, it did not live up to expectations.

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No, it's a great game. Maybe not as good as the original, but still a must-have for any ds or 3ds rpg lover.

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Was Golden Sun Dark Dawn Really That Bad


Honestly I still need to play this game, series fan right hurr.

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