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I read the recent review of warioware: snapped.... and I have to say I strongly disagree. If you have the right lighting conditions right (like I do.)
its a great game. I'll admit it is short and theirs only 20 microgames, but alot of them are really fun! Plus if you click on the credits you get a cool little minigame. The after results of a characters games is great too! Such as Jimmy T's microgames make a comic strip for you!
I think this game is worthy of a 7 and definitely not a 4!

What I'm trying to say is that it isn't as bad as the review says...



i am 1 % on your side becuse the game was ment to be short but sweet. the game is relly adictive!! i play it when im very board or unhappy. this game is definently worth all your points and i have to say that the review is pore. like games on the ipone there ment to be short but sweet cheeply prised games. this is a great example of one of the best dsi ware titles yet i hope more will come that use the camera and mic. like we see so far for the rest thats avlibil to spend your points on they dont take use of the many functions the dsi has to offer whitch i like to call the 3 elements of DSi they are the touch screen/camera/mic like rege said were takeing a film festival aproach to DSi ware. alot of 3rd party tittles were crappy on the wii. i think the dsi is a fresh start for a new market of games what do you think

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Thats EXACTLY what I think.



I actually really like it too and think it's well worth the money, it's good a good sense of humor and is fun to play over. It is short and I think it would be nice if they offered downloadable "expansions" in the future.



Does it feel kinda like a tech demo?
Is there a lot of reason to replay it?



I think it really does feel a bit like a tech demo, and although it can be fun when it gets going, you spend far too much time on menu screens preparing for each and every mini game. Although it was nice to have a few go's, it's not something I'll play much of in the future.

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WarioWare: Snapped! is a cute game to waste 5 minutes of your time with. I love the scenes at the end where it actually shows yourself looking like a fool before your eyes. WarioWare never fails in that department. =P However, it's not a game for everyone and it does feel like a tech demo.

I want to believe that this game may prepare us for the next WarioWare DSiWare title. =D


Initially I had planned on it being my first download, however, many of the reviews I've seen has discouraged me from getting it... I'm still sort of the fence about it.

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Well, i downloaded it and i enjoyed it.. its kinda short though.. it will only last u like 5 mins.. like u pick one of the 4 catagories and u play through 5 stages and then the game ends.. so yeah, thats it, but if u like warioware games, then its the game for u.

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I caved, and decided to download Snapped. Despite it being incredibly short, it's a REALLY great little game! It had me laughing several times as I played it for about 20 minutes earlier this afternoon. I had no problems at all with the camera, and it worked perfectly in both natural and artificial light.

While the 500 point cost is a bit steep for such a short game, it's definitely a fun game, and a great way of showing off the DSi's capabilities to others.

If you've still got 500 points and you're on the fence about Snapped like I was, I'd say take the plunge and go for it. I don't regret the purchase one bit.

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@KnuxSonic08: It feels exactly like a tech demo because, in my eyes, that's exactly what it is. A complete waste of points for me. Wish I'd waited for the review.

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Well I love it and i play it almost all the time, even my friends at School like to play and get sily. and its short because its a download not a entire game.

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It's awesome! They use the cameras like the PS2's Itoy is used! I hope there are more games like this very soon!

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