Topic: Two pokemon games, one Global Link account: can they be Dream Pals?

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I figured out the problem I was having. Here the process:

1. Add your new GameSyncID to your Pokemon GL account.
2. Get 2 DS and launch one game in each.
3. Link the two cards in-game using Pal Pad.
4. Use the IR "Check Friend Code" to confirm the link.
5. Put pokemon from both games into the Dream World.

The problem I was having was that I have a DSi and a 3DS, but I was only using the 3DS to put pokemon into the dream world. This was messing up the Game Pal verification. Once I created a new friend code for Pokemon White in the DSi and re-synced the friend codes, my White pokemon appears in my GamePal list on Pokemon-GL for my Black 2 game. When I switched back to my White game, the Black 2 user appears as a GamePal so that now, I should be able to link them as Dream Pals.



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