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If you have at least 5 titles.

WHAT I OWN: DSi Web Browser, Animal Crossing Clock, Animal Crossing Calculator, Photo Clock, Aquia, WarioWare Snapped, Dr. Mario Express, PictoBits, Flip Champs.

TOP 5 (IN ORDER): PictoBits, Dr. Mario Express, Flip Champs, Web Browser, Aquia.

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What I own: Nintendo DSi Browser, WarioWare: Snapped!, Dr. Mario Express, Paper Airplane Chase, Real Soccer 2009, Mighty Flip Champs!, and Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!

Top 5:
5. Dr. Mario Express
4. Nintendo DSi Browser
3. Art Style: PICTOBITS
2. Mighty Flip Champs
1. Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!

Yes, I don't own PICTOBITS, and yet I put it at number three. Once I purchase it it may go up or down on my list.

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What i own: DSi web browser, Mighty Flip Champs, Dr. Mario Express, Paper Airplane Chase, Birds and Beans, Art Style: Aquia, Art Style: Pictobits, Real Soccer 09, MvsDK: Minis March again, Warioware: Snapped

5. Mighty Flip Champs
4. Warioware: Snapped
3. DSi Web Browser
2. M vs DK: Minis March Again
1. Art Style: Pictobits

Real Soccer 09 is by far the WORST DSiware game i have bought


I don't have MVDK3 (not enough points), but I want it!

1. Mighty Flip Champs
2. Art Style: PiCTOBiTS
3. Paper Airplane Chase
4. Nintendo DSi Browser
5. Brain Age Express: Math

6. Bird And Beans
7. Art Style: AQUIA
8. WarioWare: Snapped!

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What I own: Browser, WarioWare Snapped!, Paper Airplane, Birds and Beans, Auqia, Pictobits, Might Flip Champs, Mario vs. DK 3

1. Nintendo DS Browser
2. Mario vs. DK 3
3. Mighty Flip Champs
4. Pictobits
5. Birds and Beans

Obviously I'm biased, but I have used the browser more than any other program. So that one goes on top. Other than that, the pickings get pretty slim. I imagine most top 5s will be a mix of the same games.



Odnetnin wrote:

@irken004 You see WarioWare as better than Champs? Interesting.

yea i like it more.....when i can get it to work lol

but yea Mighty Flip Champs is still great


1. Pop+ Solo
2. Mario Vs. Donkey Kong: March Of The Minis
3. Mighty Flip Champs
4. Art Style: precipice
5. Art Style: BOXLIFE

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1. Flipnote Studio
2. Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!
3. Asphalt 4: Elite Racing
4. Art Style: precipice
5. Art Style: PiCTOBiTS

6. Mighty Flip Champs
7. Pop+ Solo
8. Nintendo DSi Browser
9. Dr. Mario Express
10. Bird & Beans
My Top 6 are awesome, 7-10 are decent/OK, and everything else isn't worth the points or blocks.

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1. Pictopict
2. Mario v DK
3. Pop Plus Solo
4. Dr Mario
5. Boxlife

6. Asphalt 4
7. Kubos
8. Flipnote
9. Suijin Taisen
10. Aquite

Its actually very close between ALL of the above for me.

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What I own: American Popstar, Animal Crossing Clock, AQUIA, BASE 10, BOXLIFE, PiCTOBiTS, ZENGAGE, precipice, Asphalt 4, Bird and Beans, Brain Age: Arts and Letters, Brain Age: Math, Dr. Mario Express, Flipnote Studio, Guitar Rock Tour, Mario Calculator, Mario Clock, Mario vs DK: Minis March Again, Mighty Flip Champs, Mixed Messages, Nintendo DSi Browser, Pop Plus Solo, Sudoku Master, and Warioware: Snapped.

My top 5 are:
1)Flipnote Studio
2)Mario vs DK 3
3)BASE 10

The next 5 would be:
6)Mighty Flip Champs
8)Dr. Mario Express
9)Pop Plus Solo
10)Brain Age: Arts and Letters

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Heres mine.

1. Flipnote
2. MvsDK
4. Mario Clock
5. Bird & Beans

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The only five I have:

1. Art Style: PiCTOBiTS
2. Bird & Beans
3. Flipnote Studio
4. Animal Crossing Calculator
5. Nintendo DSi Browser

Begging For: Pikmin 3, Super Little King's Story, Star Wars Battlefront 3.
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Wow this was in June, I wonder how it just turned back up lol

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My Top 5 DsiWare games are...
1. Mario vs. Donkey Kong Minis March Again!
2. Pyoro (simple, but I love it )
3. Asphalt 4: Elite Racing
4. KuBos
5. A Little Bit Of... Dr. Mario
(should point out I'm from blighty, so no Mighty Flip Champs!)

EDIT: @Cheezy Lol, just noticed it was really old! I scrolled up and found it was Charlie The Unicorn who has resurrected your thread

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Haha thanks Charlie

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0. Nintendo DSi Browser, Flipnote Studio. (free, so i won't count them in the top 5)
1.Mario vs DK: Minis March Again
2.Mighty Flip Champs
3.Pop Plus Solo

8.Dr. Mario Express
9.Bird and Beans
10.Paper Airplane Chase
11.Warioware: Snapped

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1. FlipNote Studio
2. Bird & Beans
3. M vs. DK: MMA
4. DSi Browser
5. Asphalt 4

6. Paper Airplane Chase
7. Art Style PictoBits

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I have: DSi Browser, Flipnote Studio, Real Football 2009, Pyoro, Mario vs Donkeykong, Mario Clock, Pop+Solo
Top 5:

  • 1. Mario vs Donkeykong
  • 2. Pop+Solo
  • 3. Flipnote Studio
  • 4. Mario Clock
  • 5. Real Football 2009

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