Topic: The UNOFFICIAL Heart Gold and Soul Silver Discussion Thread

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Can you believe it?
Heart Gold and Soul Silver are only about 4 or 5 months away!
So... Which game are you getting?
Which starter are you going to pick?
Which areas of Johto/Kanto are you excited to see with DPPt graphics?

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I'm getting both.I am planning on getting every starter.

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Being a big Pokemon fan, it pains me to say this....but I'll be skipping out on both games....

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i am getting probably soulsilver, partly because i like lugia better and also i like some of ss's version exclusives better
im going to try to get all three starters

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I already played through the Japanese version because I couldn't wait for it. I'm such a fan of the original. I was pleased to find many areas scrapped from Kanto to be back in the DS version. Viridian Forest is back and so is the cave on Seafoam Islands were Articuno resides (those legendary birds are brought back too). Even the cave in Cerulean City and Mewtwo in the basement of it are back.

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After taking 3 months to beat Pokemon Diamond, It had me hooked! I'm new at Pokemon but I can see a great love between us. I'm getting Soul Silver, picking Totodile or Chikorita.

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soul silver cyndiquil and u guys do know u can just trade for the exclusives at the GTS so u only need one version right?

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Soul Silver, because it's prettier. Had Crystal back in the day. Don't know who I'll start with though. Hopefully I can get someone else to get Heart Gold, and we can start new games to get all the starters.

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Oh, I forgot. I'll be getting Heart Gold and starting with Cyndaquil, cause Typhlosion is my favorite Pokemon.



Soul Silver

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I'm getting both, but none of them on release. I'm only buying used games, so I'll probably wait a year or so.

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I'll be getting both SS will be my main since my Gold is less memorable due to being lost for the majority of the generation T_T.

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i might get HG because when i was like 4 pokemon gold was my only gameboycolor game. but is still cant really decide..i always pick cyndaquil as my starter......i cant wait to play my favorite generation, new and improved



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you gotta have Soulsilver. that only if i get a new DS next year.


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shingi_70 wrote:

you gotta have Soulsilver. that only if i get a new DS next year.

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