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Here is the place to post about all the best bargains for the DS that you've found across the internet. Don't forget to include a link, price and country for the offer, so you don't get anyone's hopes up only to shoot them straight back down.
Don't forget that this is a DS thread, go to the Wii section of the site for Wii-related bargains that you may find.

I'll start...
Bangai O Spirits
£7.95 at

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I buy most things at - they're usually very cheap on multiple items.



Well, this isn't STRICTLY an Internet bargain, but...
Harvey Norman stores (in Australia) are offering a 4GB SD Card and 50 free photo prints with every DSi! Isn't that neat? least I tried...

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I'm not sure how many of you have Hastings stores in your area, but the one in the city near where I live was putting out a bunch of the good games in the clearance bin yesterday for $9.99-$14.99. They even had a New Super Mario Bros. in there.

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SupermarketZombies has good deals on current and retro games. Their prices are always lower than the norm on brand new games.

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Does ninja town have multiple save slots?

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