Topic: The best 200 points ''game'' on DSiWare

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I think Its safe to say that Escapee Go holds that title right now......loads of replays value

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I'd have to go with either Spotto! or Escapee GO! at the moment. Funny they both have exclamations in the title

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I purchased Escapee GO! and I must say I absolutely regret it. I don't know why, persay, and I have played through it multiple times. I guess it's just not my cup of tea. All three Electroplankton games I got, on the other hand, are the best 200 points purchases I've ever made. Go with Hanenbow.

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I wish they'd bring the Donkey Kong Metronome over.



Wow. Back in the early days of DSi, I must have chosen well, because you list Robot Rescue, Army Defender, EA Sudoku and Bird & Beans, all of which I got with my first 1000 DSi Points. Also I got Mario Calculator, which would be nice if it wasn't a Poketch app on Pokemon D&P.

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Pop Island is a great 200 point game.

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