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I have always thought of the Nintendo DS as being a bit of a kids game system, but in actual fact it is played and owned by many adults, I've even spotted old age pensioners checking out the DS games line at Tesco. At our youth club a couple of the girls tell me that both their mother and grand mother have NDSs. I was wondering what the average age actually is. How old are you?


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Everyone knows I'm five and a half.



Just turned 15 on the 29th.

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my husband and I were both 24 when we bought our Lites at launch. :3

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AlexSays wrote:

Everyone knows I'm five and a half.

I used to be five and a half, too.

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I is being twany
I am 20 years old
There no be rasown fur funni typ, but thot be gud jock
There is no reason for funny typing, but I thought it would be a good joke
I wuz probabli rong
I was probably wrong

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20's a great age, I liked being 20...!

I am thirty-one. and I've been a Gameboy/GBA/DS playa for about nineteen years! LOL


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23 y old here. I was in your same situation a few months back but then I got a DSi just recently with a few good games and i've not had as much fun in a long time. There's some really good titles out for the DS sandwiched in a jungle of mediocre ones, but the ones that are really good are just that, really good

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I'm 18, had a ds ever since launch

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28 for two more weeks....

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I'm 20 and I bought my DS when it was launched but I upgrade to DS Lite and then to the DSi

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Many members of the site have already stated their ages in the What's My Age Again? thread, and most of us here have a DS, so factor that in if you intend to get an overview on the matter.

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I am 30 and have a DS Lite. My wife is 33 and also has a DS Lite. Our 5 year old and 8 year old also play them, but not as often as we do. I have two sister-in-laws (30 and 25) that both have DS Lites. I think that covers all the DS owners that I know.

EDIT - Oh, and I have a 15-year-old niece that has one.

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In all honesty, I have been a gamer from the age or 9 and I am 31. I had an Atari 2600, NES, SNES, GameCube VirtualBoy, NDS(4) Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, GameGear, Playstation 1, PSP and a Playstation 3...Well, and a Watara Supervision, I was really young...It was cool though!

The media in general label Nintendo as a "childs" system and they have been for years. The fact is that Nintendo markets to all ages. If you had listened or read Iwata's keynote prior to the name change from the Revolution to the Wii, he asked how many in the audience knows someone who plays games. A good amount raised their hands. He asked how many in the audience plays games. Fewer raised their hands. He said, after the Revolution(Wii), everyone would raise their hands. They want to market to all ages. Therefore that is brought to the front of everyone's mind and labeled "for kids". Honestly, there is a wide variety of titles for the NDS and Wii ranging from adult titles to kids.

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I'm 43

I don't know if your survey here will be that accurate for finding out how old DS players are ... remember, you're limited to owners as well as forum members.

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Yes quite. It isn't really for accuracy sake, more out of interest. It is quite pleasing to see that we already have quite a range of age groups, just on this forum. Does anyone know if any official polls exist on what the total sales of the DS are so far, compared with the age of gamers. I heard that the average age of PC gamers is somewhere in the mid-thirties, I wonder how that compares to the average age and range of ages of DS players.

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I'm 13, i'm still playing on the DS since 2006.



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