Topic: Tap Tap and others on DSiWare Anyone?

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You've played tap tap right?! Tap Tap is the guitar hero of the Ipod. What if the creators came up with a new control scheme, and put it on DSiWare. Think bout it we have the cameras, the touch screen, the microphone, and WiFi, it's rlly all thr. You may argue that Tap Tap was made for the Ipod and not the DSi, but maybe it would work on the DSi? What do you think? What about more games from diffrent portable and home consols adapted to the DSi. The DS has great controls that DSiWare games have yet to take control of. Just imagine! Post a reply below with what you think should make its way to DSiWare!

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well it would be cool but I don't see what the use of the cameras and the mic wold be... but seeing that most DSiWare titles don't use them we can leave that away:
The main problem is: ipod Touch / iPhone do both have multitouch. The DS doesn't... so you can't play more than one Note at the same time what is pretty dumb...

Probably getting a Vita with LBP soon...


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