Topic: Super Mario 64 DS extremely annoying?

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Never like the controls, pad or touchscreen, they're not that bad, but I just can't stand them, the game is not the same without a stick.

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@Adam, @ReZon

Wait, so do your difficulties sans thumb strap apply only to the Phat DS? Because I find holding the Lite or DSi system with my left hand while using the stylus with my right hand downright comfortable... a lot of my favorite games use that kind of scheme. Or, perhaps the strap was necessary if you used the default controls, where the buttons are normal and the touchscreen is just an option for when you need it--I used the touch-only style, where all the button actions are performed with the left hand on the L button and directional pad while your right hand is purely for the stylus.

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I hate the controls in this game. The stylus controls are broken, and the d-pad controls make my thumbs ache.

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or just be bothered like me and get all 150 stars. I only used the stylus when i was versing bowser. The D-Pad was to slow imo.


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@ WariosWoods
No, I had the same problem with the Lite. I played Metroid Prime Hunters very often, and I don't know if it was just bad cramping or actually carpal tunnel, but it got to the point where it was literally too painful for me to play my Lite for more than two weeks except maybe for a few minutes a day on occasion.

I just got a DSi a week ago maybe, and fortunately none of the stylus-controlled games use the L or R buttons, so I can lay the system on a flat surface when using the stylus and not have to worry about it.

Also, about the thumb strap, I tried it on other games, and it just didn't do it for me (in fact, I got the Lite because of Hunters. It's not particularly precise, but Mario 64 doesn't require you to be that precise, so I thought using the thumb strap as an impromptu analog stick, so to speak, worked wonderfully.

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The game doesn't work out quite as they should with the D-pad instead of an analog stick. Other than that, it's a great package.

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I think the controls were great! I loved them. I just didn't like the game and the camera was a little unruly.

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