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I was trying to fix my nintendo DS by changing the ribbon cable that goes to the upper screen, but at some point it seems like I should have used a flathead scewdriver instead of a philips-head screwdriver, or maybe gone easier on it. I already opened the nintendo ds using a Y screwdriver, and I have the motherboard in front of me with 2 stripped screws that I have to remove, but I don't want to damage the motherboard. What can I do?

These are the conditions of the screws.



It's been a delay on a response but aside from very small tweezers and slowly unscrewing them or using a Philips again to see if you can get traction you may have to abandon the job. Very small tweezers may do the job but may also damage the board.



I would take it to a Computer or TV repair shop if you have one locally it shouldn't cost that much as it would only take 10 minutes to fix.

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