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Hi All,
I have a very strange problem.
I bought a R4 card to play movies and music on a nintendo DSI.
In total I've 2 nintendo DSI and 2 nintendo XL DSI.

Games are running wel on the 4 of them.
But Moonshell, is playing ok on 3 of the 4 nintendo.
So I can assume that the R4 card is OK .

One of the 2 nintendo DSI has a broken Top screen.
The one with the broken Top screen is start up/ playing moonshell OK.

So , I did a switch from the PCB main board from the broken Top screen nintendo to the other nintendo DSI which was not playing /startingup moonshell.

And now comes the strange part.

When trying to start Moonshell it was still the same.
On the nintendo with the broken Top screen and the PCB main board from the other nintendo moonshell started up and was playing, while the other nintendo again didn't start up Moonshell.

I also switch the wifi pcb but that didn't made a change.

Which part is faulty ?? I don't understand...

Thx Grtz Rommy



hi All,

I found the problem myself ... there was a problem with the SD-card slot.
When I changed it with the one from the other nintendo DSI everything was OK .



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