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So well... Yeah, my mom downloaded this with the 500 points she had left from buying Puzzler World. She likes activity books and stuff, she also thought it would be useful with any children that visits her office (she's a doctor).

Well, since she downloaded and played it (with me watching in awe behind her) I assumed I could write my impressions of it here.

The game is really mini as the name says, including only 6 quick activities. And yeah, as you may expect, they're all pretty basic and child friendly.

It comes with Drawing, Counting, Find Differences, Lunch Box, Dress Up and Coloring, they're all available from the beginning, even though their coloration may led you to think otherwise (all the buttons that you're no selecting look gray).

Lunch Box and Dress up are dressing mini games (very mini), you know the drill... The odd thing is that, even though there's a girl constantly on the top screen when you play any other minigame, you can't customize her with the Dress Up minigame. As a result, both are pretty useless- You just choose things and, bam, you're done. Play again. Then again, maybe little girls will enjoy that.

Drawing and Coloring are exactly that. in one you can draw with assorted colors and stamps (the drawing is saved) and in the other one you can color one of several premade drawings (and for an added surprise, it is not of the "touch and fill" variety). I guess most children will enjoy these, the bad part is that you can't export these drawings to the album, that would've been quite cool.

The other two are the most minigameish and smarty of the bunch, in one you get presented an image, a bunch of other mixed images and 3 options on the touch screen, you need to count how many copies of the first image are on the bunch and touch that number. Repeat 10 times. In the other one you get presented 2 images and you must find 5 differences, my mom actually enjoyed this one, however, it seems it is the less child-friendly of the bunch: You have 5 tries and time, and you need to be a little bit too precise with you touches. There seems to be a good number of these (you are presented 4 at random), but they always have the same answers.

The music is quite nice, if a little bit too annoying: the songs are kiddy versions of classic songs, and everytime you do something right you hear loud cheers.... Kiddy stuff.

I guess it should be fun for little girls (under 6 years, even though some options in games are a little bit to small or hidden for a small kid to notice).
If you're an adult without small children or dislike paying 5 bucks for 10 minutes of mindless fun, I don't think you should bother even considering this.
But I if you really want to get it I think you're better off getting the retail, complete, version. Then again, if you really, really want it, I guess I can't stop you from buying it.

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For a second there I thought this would be posted by someone else Thanks for your analysis none the less.

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Onikato wrote:

For a second there I thought this would be posted by someone else Thanks for your analysis none the less.

My thoughts exactly.

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